Editor’s Note

A Welcoming Present.


This issue, NEWBIE F111, First of His Name, is dedicated to our dear first years. It is a sort of guide – to the people, to the campus, and to everything else in it. It’s fascinating watching yourself in them, as they stumble through initial troubles, embarrass themselves during interactions, and start spreading their wings. It’s the time of the gawking freshers, and as they flock in year after year, you examine how far you’ve come since then.

Apart from that, we have four featured articles in Potpourri, which we intend as a platform for people who practice photography, writing, or any other art form. There is also “The First Day Timeline”, which was compiled from the results of the survey held a little while ago, and “Just BITSian Things”, a recurring column listing interesting anecdotes or incidents that happen only to us.

We hope that you find this issue nostalgic, informative, funny and interesting, and if not anything else, you can finally gloat that our campus has a fortnightly magazine too.

Editor’s Desk.


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