About Us

College life, a precursor to adulthood, is a leap ahead of the childish antics that one leaves behind. It can overwhelm you, inspire you and make you humble – throwing in life-defining moments ever so often. And while one is lost in one’s own pursuits, college is slowly changing too. It only gets better for the generations that come in.

The Daily Bitsian is an online monthly magazine. A collection of articles, photographs, prose, artwork and every kind of content there is, that will hopefully capture the Bitsian spirit. It offers a look within and without.

Scratch journalism, PR, the need for a platform for literature, art and photography, or even revolutions in design.The one reason for starting the site is to find reasons to laugh at ourselves, and to recognize mindless patterns we can’t get rid off. Well written articles also help us slip into the skin of another person, and sift through myriad perspectives – without the mud-slinging and name-calling that discussions on social forums entail.

An issue will be released every month, containing editorial articles, news on campus events and a collection of featured photographs, artwork, stories and poems, stringed together in a captivating, easy-to-read fashion.

That said, the magazine is open to submission of stories, poetry, opinions, photographs and artwork from one and all. There’s always space for good content!

Happy reading!

The Daily Bitsian.

Send your entries to thedailybitsian@gmail.com, to be featured on the magazine!

 Content Team

Meghana Yerabati (Founder)

Meghana Kumar (Editor)

Adarsh Salagame (Editor)

Shreya Nimma (Editor)

Supriya Subramanian

Akhil Chellapilla

Nikita Mandapati

Ekta Kumar

Aayushi Sharma

Dhairya Gandhi

Hitesh Bhagchandani

Nirupama Honnungar

Srikar Maturi

Avi Jain

Vidit Chugh

Arvind Rameshwar


Design Team

Rajiv Krishna


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Fantastic, fantastic idea. This should help bring down the weight of missing campus and its sights and sounds and smells. For God’s sake, I’ll hope I don’t miss the place even more.
    Keep up the good work peeps! 😀

  2. Wonderful idea guys, hoping to read great content and relive the days every year, over again! All the very best! 🙂

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