The Story of Change

“Much to Change’s delight, the Humans themselves began accepting her without her intervention; accepting that they had always been victims of change.”

– Nikita Mandapati

“Evolution, you’re too slow!” screeched Change as she paced the halls. “How will these worldly creatures appreciate me if they can’t even notice what you’re doing in their lifetime?” she mumbled. She peered over Evolution as he altered the world ever so slowly. Even in his aged languish, his fingers moved deftly. Evolution had been her loyal ally since the beginning of time, but she was growing impatient. She visualized the universe, the earth and all the creatures that inhabited it. There they were, those silly, unsuspecting Humans. They really did look as gullible as Innovation said they are. And with Progress, Regress and Innovation by her side, Change was going to use the Humans to take over the world.

“It’s not going to be as simple as you think,” Evolution snickered in a deep and slightly quivering voice, startling Change. “Why not?” she demanded, somewhat irritated by him now.

“You think they’ll accept you at the rate you’re planning to go? Fear will never allow it. He’s already gotten to them. He’ll lurk in their minds, growing steadfast and strong, and not even Innovation’s enticing new prospects will truly enthrall them enough to fight him. Fear will keep driving them towards sustenance, constancy. Away from you.”

She was silent for a while. Evolution watched her with weary eyes, as she shaped and shifted. Surely Change herself couldn’t not be changing all the time.

“You’ll see.” She muttered. World domination was the only desire that had persisted in her dynamic heart. “Nothing lasts forever. Conformity is dull. Change is the only constant.” Her eyes livened up with mirth and ambition.

When Humans developed much faster than any other species on that blessed planet, Evolution couldn’t say he was all too surprised. He watched as Innovation and Change fought side by side against Fear, with both Progress and Regress playing their part, maintaining the careful balance of the universe. But the more Innovation gave to the Humans, the stronger Fear grew inside them. To Change’s distress, it wasn’t the technology they were afraid of. It was her. They were afraid of the new, the unknown. When Innovation wasn’t with her it became even harder for her to fight Fear. The humans were more rigid than she had expected. They held on firmly to old traditions and customs and even fought each other when some tried to embrace Change. But Change was not ready to give up. Change turned Regress to Progress and as conformity led Progress to Regress and Humans were finally seeing that Change was mostly good for them.

But Fear, good old Fear, used every opportunity to frighten the puny Humans. He reminded them of every instance when Change had caused them harm, making them hesitate, become wary of change. What they didn’t realise was how much their lives were changing each day already. But soon enough, they did come to realise that some changes were, in fact, essential for their survival.

Much to Change’s delight, the Humans themselves began accepting her without her intervention; accepting that they had always been victims of change. They discovered the existence of Evolution. (It was about time the poor old man got some recognition for all the work he did!) And with each time they accepted Change, however little, without letting Fear get in the way, Change knew that she was succeeding.

It wasn’t until it was too late that Evolution noticed the wrath Change was causing the Humans. With their population skyrocketing, they were changing the whole world along with them, just as Change had wanted. What happened to the Humans showed repercussions in other ecosystems. They went as far as causing entire species to become extinct before Evolution had anything to do with it! It became evident that the rapid changes bore consequences. Nature couldn’t keep up. Natural resources started burning out. But Innovation wouldn’t stop. It gave Humans new ways to tackle the problems Change created, creating more change! When Evolution tried to warn Change about the inevitable doom that the Humans would bring upon themselves because of the leaps and bounds by which they were moving forward, Change laughed malevolently.

“Do you think I care what catastrophe awaits those naïve beings? They are pawns of a greater purpose.”

When Fear regained power with Innovation rolling in automation, it appeared like the humans still have hope. The humans resisted automation like they had never before. They knew it will bring Progress and yet it was a change they were reluctant to make. The impact was too monumental. New technology kept rolling in but the humans refused to incorporate it into their lives.

Meanwhile, Fear created new fears in the minds of the Humans. They began to think about the possibility of machines taking over their world, overpowering them and one day destroying them. As unlikely as it sounded, the idea stuck in their minds and Fear grew stronger and stronger. But Change was already too strong. The marvellous possibilities that technology like automation and artificial intelligence opened up and the awe inspiring pictures that science fiction writers painted in the minds of their own kind didn’t allow them to let go of it altogether. Slowly, Innovation picked on and once again Change was advancing, albeit slowly, proving that she was, indeed, unstoppable. No matter how much Fear fought, he was always defeated, and Change was at the helm again, steering the universe whichever way she wished.

The Humans hailed Change and condemned Fear. They began saying things like “It takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new” and “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It became evident that Change had indeed taken over the world. Each time the proverbial young man who had accepted and embraced change to attain success in life urged that “Change is the only constant”, the cheer and applause he received almost drowned Change’s jovial laughter as she celebrated her triumph.

Cover Designed by N Vishnu Teja

Edited by Harsha Sista

Article Written by Nikita Mandapati


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