Realization Of The Truth Of Carrots

“We have been blinded and we now stumble in the woods short-sighted.”

– Chandrahas Aroori

There are those days, when one does not realize who they are. And yet, they have startling clarity as to what they want in life. I exist in a constant state of the exact opposite. I know quite well who I am, but I seem to have no real clarity as to what the hell I am doing here.

I know what I want, or at least I think I do. I know how to get it. But I lack one thing – the motivation to do it.

Maybe that’s the problem with our generation. We’re taught from an early age to chase the carrot on the stick or face the whip. We’re degraded to the level of a common mule by this ‘modern & liberal’ education. And after all these years of chasing the carrot but never getting it, our life seems to make no sense and we don’t even understand what the hell a carrot is. We are left stranded without carrots to chase.

When we came to BITS, I’m sure all of us thought we had finally got the carrot of college. or, maybe many like me had come here with the realization or maybe the acceptance that we had missed out on the IIT carrot. Nevertheless, we rejoiced, for finally the shackles of the carrot had been thrown off.

Vive la revolution! No attendance! Freedom, Liberty, Opportunity, they are all our mistresses! We now are truly men (or women, for you ladies).

But the problem with being subservient for so long is that we see no further than the distance between us and the carrot. We have been blinded and we now stumble in the woods short-sighted. And so, we are forced to choose which carrots to follow.

We choose between these carrots on any means of judgement. Some tend to mock what carrots we follow as ‘false carrots’, or degrade us, informing us that their carrots are much ‘better’. But in the end, what are they, but constructs of a carrot? Feeble imaginations, pale imitations, in the mind of a donkey.

We must rise above this, and become stallions of the wind. We must ride not for carrots, but for tomorrow. For that sunrise above the horizon. We must choose to be masters of our fate and that is what it means to be an adult.

Choosing what is important and following it. The time is ripe, we must now choose what we ride in this life for. We can’t keep living our life chasing those failed dreams. My father always said,

“Live life forcefully, without fear of tomorrow and the sorrow of yesterday”.

I guess it’s time to live.

Cover Designed By N Vishnu Teja

Edited By Harsha Sista

Article Written By Chandrahas Aroori


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