He Who Fears The Wolf

Go, hit, miss, shoot, cry, fall, getup, ready, steady and go. This is what life’s all about.

– Kartik Narula

Have you ever felt like doing something, only to be obfuscated by the veil of security and well-settledness that protects your life? Maybe it’s the new hobby you wanted to pursue or that new business venture you wanted to invest in. You feel the unknown inertia that pulls you down every time you reach for it, and recognise that you’ve been feeding your brain all this while with the false assurance of doing it one day. Soon enough, you’re disappointed by the lost opportunities and slipping time. Now think, how many of these inhibitions would really matter twenty to thirty years from now? A debacle with your crush will only become a moment in history a few years from now, but not doing so will only create moments of regret and dissatisfaction. Learning to dance may look weird today, but all new things look weird and unacceptable in the beginning, don’t they? Getting onto the stage for the first time may knock your breath out, but you cannot let cold feet take a toll on you. So, what are you waiting for? Release your inhibitions and feel the rain on your skin, because no one else can feel it for you – only you can let it in.

Out of all the great cricketers, the world has seen, Virender Sehwag is my absolute favourite. Any guesses why? He would get caught on the boundary, while batting on 195, and still not bother to defend the ball while batting on 293. Aggressive, unabashed and intimidating – that’s Virender Sehwag for you. Whether it’s the fiery pace of Akhtar or Murali’s top spin, he simply does not care. No matter where you bowl, the ball knows its way.

Out of all the virtues required for success, I would place fearlessness on the top. Do you know why the lion is the king of the jungle? Is he the strongest? The tallest? The cleverest? NO – He is fearless.

I really admire the lives of adventure sportsmen and stunt riders. Getting the adrenaline rush, and hitting the wall every day. Then I’m reminded of my own life surrounded by the monotonous humdrum of everyday chores.


Picture this, my friend. When you’re on your deathbed, what are the things that would really matter at all to you? Your wealth? Your connections? How many times you were disappointed? Your accolades? NO. Then what exactly does matter in life? Here’s the answer.

Living a life free of all restraints or fear, not paying much heed to results. Just doing things without fearing the unknown. If all the things mentioned above really do not amount to anything at the time of oblivion, then why rush toward the insurance of a safe job or a stable life? If death is the most peaceful thing that can happen to you, then why not contrast it with a life that is a vibrant pandemonium of exciting affairs!  Go, hit, miss, shoot, cry, fall, getup, ready, steady and go. This is what life’s all about.

“Life is lived on the wire. The rest is just waiting.”

Andrew Carnegie, the famous 19th century industrialist and once the world’s richest man, once went as far as to say – “You take all my wealth, devoid me of all my possessions. I will again end up becoming the richest man in five years!”

Life gets its meaning from its uncertainties and unpredictability. Unexpected happiness brings the best kind of joy and unplanned trips are the best. Life going well planned and well maintained loses its purpose. You may have a well-settled life, family and relationships, but that well-settledness actually hinders our growth, and feeds on our fear. Change and growth are very often related to each other by an upward sloping line. The same relation holds for risk and reward. As Newton’s first law states, a body unchanged, continues to be unchanged until and unless acted upon by an external force. This external force happens to lie in our very own hands, but just outside our natural domain – our comfort zone. This external force is our will.  

The thing we must fear is the fear itself.

Life gives you no resets, no warm ups. You have to get the habit of doing things. And not the daily ones – the tough ones, ones that challenge you. You can’t be on your deathbed thinking- ‘Damn! I shouldn’t have let fear rule my life’. Very subtly, the timepiece on your wall will stop ticking one day and announce in the most devastating voice ever- “Thank you very much, for your time”.

When Sehwag bats, he either ‘hits’ or ‘misses’. There is no question of NOT hitting the ball.

Cover Designed By Satcheel Reddy Chamakoora

Edited By Supriya Subramanian

Article Written By Kartik Narula


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