A Guide to Being a Productive Potato

“Start now. No time like now.”

– Karthik Nagaraj

In the throes of the uphill battle to get past all the boards and entrance examinations, there’s a lot we leave behind. Be it interests in arts, music, games, hobbies, anything at all- we restrict it, if not sacrifice it all to stay in the flow. Then came university- which, as you now know, was not all relaxing and chill as we were told by pseudo-encouraging teachers in our coaching centres. (“Beta, do saal mehnat karo, phir college mein aish karo.”)

A greater lie has never been told.

Irrespective of the magnitude of your workload, it is a given that if you want to do well, you’ll have to put in your blood, sweat and tears, possibly even more than what you did back in eleventh and twelfth. But on the flipside, college also gives us an opportunity to catch up on our old interests- or maybe even discover new ones.

And there’s no better time than the holidays for that.

Now, this isn’t an article where I pull a Sharmaji  (sorry to all the Sharmas out there) and preach about how holidays are not for enjoyment but just extended study hours. In fact, if anything, the holidays are the best time to binge-watch every single episode of every single season of every single show ever made, and more.

But is it okay to do little else throughout your holidays?

Probably not.

In fact, there’ll probably come a time when you’re sick of it. Sick of how lonely and boring it is to be at home as compared to being in college. (And maybe even sick of having to do household chores again. I mean really now, who says you need to bathe every day? And why on earth am I being told to sleep when it’s only 3 am?)

(In case you’re wondering, I do bathe every day. Even in the dorms.)

There will come a point where you don’t feel like being a potato all day. Maybe most of the day, but not all of it. The monotony and repetitiveness of the holidays will soon take its toll on you. And what do you do then?

Do something else. I know, it’s simple in theory, but hard to execute.

”Like what?”, you ask?

Start learning that musical instrument you’ve always wanted to. (I myself recently took up the drums, after being told back in 10th that it “wasn’t necessary because board exams are very important.”) (Second biggest lie.) Trust me, there’s a certain addicting sense of satisfaction involved. Start afresh or pick up where you left off- learning music really adds depth to your character. Or maybe dance classes if that’s your thing.

Step outside. Yes, hello world. Don’t clamp yourself shut in your shell 24/7. It’s not the best thing for your mental and physical health. I’m sure this is something you’ve heard a million times. And you know, deep down, that it’s right. If you’re already physically active, then hey, well done! But if you aren’t, now’s the perfect time to start. Go swimming. Go to the gym. Play some sport, or even just walk around at night. Listen to music while you do-  it makes everything so much more fun.

If  even music can’t persuade you, at least do something different inside your home. Play a game. Read a book. Listen to random music, find new artists and bands. Browse online forums/Subreddits of your choice.

If you can, go on a vacation with friends or family! If not a vacation, go out to the mall or the movies with your friends or family as much as possible. I don’t think I need to tell you this, really. I mean, I’m pretty sure you are already. And if you aren’t, well, what are you waiting for?

And well, if you don’t have friends who live nearby (or don’t have friends at all), then don’t lose hope. After all, the holidays are fleeting, and before you know it, the holidays will be over soon and classes will start, bringing with it that iconic brand of madness that you’re so used to.

Oh well. Of course the topic had to steer to this. Acads. Classes. Brace yourself to be thrust back into frenzied world of education.

(If just the mention of it makes you feel uncomfortable, imagine how I felt while writing about it.)

As much as we all are experts at procrastination, it’s probably for the best if you set aside some time every now and then to develop a technical skill of your choice. You’ve definitely picked up some advice from somewhere, and maybe even made some heartfelt promises to yourself that you would. But if you’re anything like me, we all know how that turned out.

If not, then congratulations! You’ve gotten yourself together. Pat yourself on the back, stop reading this article and get back to your highly efficient life.

But if you have, then, don’t worry. There’s still hope for you.

Start now. No time like now.

There, I said it. The dreaded word, the it-that-must-not-be-named to all procrastinator extraordinaires. Now.

You can look up online courses in fields that catch your eye, or watch tutorials on YouTube. A simple Google search can go a long way in helping you find learning material.

But don’t forget- it’s okay to take breaks and relax. After all, a new season of Game of Thrones is coming soon.

I really do hope that you, reader, have taken away something from this ironic preaching of mine. Because now, the hardest part for me has come.

Listening to my own advice.

(Fun fact, keeping in mind the purpose of this article, it’s rather ironic that I submitted the first draft of this piece to the editors a full 5 days after our internal deadline. Talk about procrastinating.)

Cover Designed By Anshuman Das

Edited By Adarsh Salagame

Article By Karthik Nagaraj


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