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With Verba Maximus, Sciathon, Ignite, and Launchpad all being great successes, it’s now time to wait for the carnival to unfold with the showstopper that is Pearl.
Here’s to nostalgia, and looking at what people had to say about Pearl ’15 back then.


1. Sai Ram Tangirala (2013 Batch)


“Pearl? Yes. Of course I’m excited. Duh! This year I’m comparatively less swamped with work. Sherlocked is my first and last priority, and I am pumped that I get to be part of one of the biggest events of the fest.” *mysterious Sherlocked mode smile*

2. Sindhuja Nanduri (2013 Batch)


“I’m not looking forward to the post-Pearl time. It gets dry, and there are no more events to look forward to in college apart from Music Night. On the other hand, it’s a relief that those long hours of work, those all-nighters at the SAC come to an end. In the end though, Pearl gives you lots of happy moments and beautiful memories. Uhm so, mixed feelings.”

3. Ayushi Behl (2014 Batch) and Nimisha Agrawal (2014 Batch)

Ayushi and Nimisha
“Yes! Yes! Yes! First college cultural fest! To hell with deflated seniors. We are going to rock this year’s show!”

4. Kaushal Raut (2013 Batch)

“I’m super cool. I’m so cool that I may turn into ice. No, seriously.
Actually, I am really looking forward to working for this fest. Photography (#Treasurer), Dance (#Publicity), Drama, DoSH, DePP, DoSM. You name it, I’m in it!”

5. Saaket Sharma (2013 Batch)

“Pearl? See, the thing is, I’m calm. I’m usually calm about everything.”

6.  Shruti Sivasubramanian (2013 Batch)

“I’m one of the few people looking forward to the band. I think they are going to be awesome. The pro-show line-up is pretty good this Pearl. Plus the footfall this time will be unprecedented if online support and the amazing publicity is anything to go by. We feel this one is going to be better than previous years.”

7. Ruwayfe (WiFi) Mohammed (2012 Batch)

“Dance Club! Yahoo! We are rocking it! The events we have for you this Pearl are off-the-hook. Other clubs? I don’t know.” *Peace out*

8. Gokul T Anandan (2013 Batch) and Shalini Chaudhuri (2013 Batch)

Gokul and Shalini
“The short girl and the tall guy. We’re always excited about everything!”

Tall smart guy : “This time, the events are going to be on a much bigger scale. There is a lot                                  of synchronization and coordination between clubs, organizers and the                                      volunteers this year. And I’m expecting things to run much more                                                  smoothly and efficiently.”
Short cute girl : “See, we’re so in sync and so coordinated, that we’re one body!”

9. Reeti Sarkar (2013 Batch) and Sateja Paradkar (2014 Batch)

Reeti and Sateja
“We’re not even going to be here. We’re going to London.”

10. Apoorva Agarwal (2012 Batch)


“My left hand represents my first Pearl. And my right hand is what I’m expecting this Pearl is going to be like.”

11. Shubhi Agarwal (2012 Batch)


“Uhm, it’s the same thing every year. We work, we enjoy. No special expectations.”

12. Shivani Mahaddalkar (2014 Batch)


“I’m so excited that I went ahead and picked my dresses for all four days. I’m so excited that I’m not going to sleep for the next two weeks. I’m so excited that I’m counting down the days. East or west, Pearl is the best! Go Pearl! Yay!”

13. Devesh Jain (2012 Batch)


“Third year gyaan: It’s always what you hear from others, their opinions and views, and how seriously you give into it, that determines whether you’ll be disappointed or impressed. Now when I look back at my two Pearls, I realize that they really weren’t as bad as they seemed. It was only the unrealistic expectations that people had built in my mind which deflated the Pearl charm. What I really believe is that with every year, the incoming new talent in clubs, raises the expectation levels tenfold. If last year had a 20% energy level, this year must be 100%. And you know what; the real essence of the fest lies in the preparation time, those 5 days before Pearl, where you roam around like madmen getting work done. It is analogous to the preparation time before exams, where you’re pumped and raring to go. It’s when you realize the true meaning of to go big or go home.”

14. Bhaskar Soman (2014 Batch)

Bhaskar Soman

“Pearl? So what I’m expecting from Pearl is… *gives loud creepy laugh*.”


So what are your expectations for Pearl ’17?


Cover Designed by Adarsh Salagame

Article by Aditi Ghosh and Aayushi Sharma [March 2015]


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