Ferris wheel of college

“Your ride is going smoothly on its upward journey. Everything is working out the way you would expect it to. But what happens when you get to the top?”
-Kritika Kasliwal

The machine makes a deafening mechanical noise. The system is in check and the right bulbs are shining at the right times. The ride looks intimidating, but somehow, the breeze is blowing the fear out of your mind and the plush seats lure you into beginning your journey on the Ferris wheel of College.

You get on hoping for it to be a fun ride because that’s what college is expected to be, isn’t it? Fun. You sit down and hold your breath thinking back to all the expectations and goals you had. You were told that the difficult and tiresome part of your life is over and that this would be a breezy ride. You believed them. You imagine the excitement of everyone around you and think “This is going to be awesome!”

Your ride is going smoothly. You got the grade in an exam that you were hoping for. You got selected into your dream cultural club. You are a part of the cool gang of your batch. You are a part of different departments of your choice where you are respected for the input you are giving. Everything is working out the way you would expect it to. Your ride is going smoothly on its upward journey. But what happens at the top?

You could go crashing down with the wind in your ears, the screams of everyone around you drowning out your own shrieks. Surprisingly, you can’t wait to hit rock bottom. You try really hard to pull yourself back up but gravity’s grip is too strong. You try your best to focus on whatever is happening around you but your head is spinning from rapid motion. Are you sick yet?

Maybe you want the second option. Stay on top, have all you want. Stability is all we ever need right? Wrong. How would it really feel to know that you have reached the zenith of the wheel. You can only be dangling here, mid air for as long as this carnival goes on. You won’t get that rush of adrenaline while going down… stepping on the thin line between fear and thrill. You you won’t get to feel the thump of your heart as you go back up, towards the zenith. All you do is stay and wait, dangling, waiting for something to change drastically. Heart of hearts, though, you know that’s never going to happen unless you decide to let go.

So goes the ferris wheel of college, where contentment is a myth. No matter how optimistic you were before you got on the ride, you will step out of it  with your hair all messed up, your face tired, your eyes weary and your head spinning with confusion. You will get beaten, chewed up and spit out like you mean nothing to the system. But at the end of the day, you’re going to look back and say “Damn! That was one hell of a ride.”



Cover Designed By Lakshmi Bayanagari

Article By Kritika Kasliwal


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