I’ve been to a dark place, with souls black and blue,

Men hiding their insecurities and toughening their exteriors.

But when those men cry, their tears,

Threaten to turn them into drops of water,

rolling out to the beach, drowning their sorrows.

It’s funny how masculinity and sensitivity co-exist

Like me and the lizard in my room,

When one’s in sight, the other takes flight.


I’ve been to a town where everything dear had been lost in an inferno.

The weak of heart do not survive, while the rest live closed off in a shell,

Peering at the world through eyes moistened by the heat of the flames,

They sit, watching over the young, but doing little else

Their life is but an idle wait for death.


I’ve been to a place where I met a woman barely keeping it together,

Until a man came back in her life, giving her a taste of the fire she thought was long extinguished,

Only to reveal that the opposite of love isn’t hate, but indifference.

And that visceral revenge aches more than violent, physical payback.


I wished upon a star, and it took me to a city

Of sorbet coloured halter dresses and plum sunsets,

Where dreams aren’t unattainable fabrications of imagination, love isn’t just a fleeting sensation

But you can only choose one to be your mistress, love or ambition.

And ambition always wins.


I went to a place, where I met some special people

A broken man, holding onto life by the tips of his claws, a senile soul burdened by his past and

a girl, very much like them ,yet unlike them

They set out on the long road, wanting to escape,

The same path took them different places,

Her, the hilltop, and him, the grave.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you didn’t get the references in this poem, you should watch the movies Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, Nocturnal Animals, La La Land and Logan.

WRITER’S NOTE  : ***Spoiler Alert *** lol.

Cover Designed By Adarsh Salagame

Article by Avi Jain


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