Hall of Mirrors

“Imagine yourself in a trial room with infinite dimensions. Shifting from one dimension to the next every instant, only to find yourself more dazzled and perplexed by each.”

                                                                                                                                   –  Kartik Narula

Next time if your friend says something so distasteful that you find yourself jumping from a blossoming red to the darkest shade of grey within only a fraction of a second and end up doing something that you know you will repent later, don’t worry. Welcome to the hall of mirrors. Beneath the visage of two eyes, a nose, and wary expressions, there are these tiny creatures – creatures that sit inside your head, creatures whose existence is easily overlooked by you. Imagine yourself in a trial room with infinite dimensions. Shifting from one dimension to the next every instant, only to find yourself more dazzled and perplexed. This is us. When just a smell of your favourite dish can unfurl a multitude sensations and set your taste buds tingling, it is evident how much say emotions have in our life. Yes, this is natural. After all we are humans. We feel, reflect and experience staccato bursts of mind-boggling emotions every second.

Not only this, an adverse condition or predicament can change you so much that you may be a different person altogether. Why you are probably a little different with each person that you meet, through different times of the day, in various stages of your life. Then who even are you really? It is said that in times of difficulty, one reveals one’s true personality. But if some traits appear only in certain specific conditions then how can they be our true personality traits when at all other times we are nothing like it. Is it even fair to confirm this dynamic character to any one personality type? In fact, it is believed that personality affects situation as much as situation affects personality and both of these together affect behaviour, response and emotions.

Even when it is natural to experience these emotions, it is also imperative not to be driven by them. To not let adrenaline take over this tiny organ in your skull, and to act normally requires a tremendous amount of skill. Just picture these situations in your head, my friend. When everyone is blaming you and you are the only one believing in yourself.  When the world’s say has no effect on you whatsoever, when you have no cravings, only one desire. The desire to move ahead with your plans and achieve goals that you have so clearly in sight. When you can handle a checkmate with the same amount of gut, and still be able to filter out the positives and move towards the imagined fairyland of yours. The world ceases to ‘condition’ you. You become unstoppable. You have reduced the dimensions of the trial room. You know what creatures you actually have inside, and now you are controlling them, and not the other way around. You are just okay with everything that happens to you and the world around you. Because what you can do is control your actions, and what the universe conspires is none of your business. Life is highly unfair. It is not a wish granting factory. Don’t let anyone walk in your head with their dirty feet. Any feet, for that matter. Break free from the grasps of your supposed personality and be what you want to be. As sly as a fox or strong as an ox, fast as a hare or brave as a bear. Be any of these things or everything at once. Be yourself, or whatever you need to be.



Cover Designed By Anshuman Das

Article By Nikita Mandapati and Kartik Narula


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