Circus of Life

“Your life is a circus revolving around your past, present and future. It doesn’t have magic but you’ll still be surprised by what it has to offer.”

                                                                                                                                       – Vidit Chugh

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this show. These stunts are performed by fictional characters under the writer’s supervision. Please don’t try this at home.

Welcome Ringmaster.

Oh wait! Isn’t it your job to introduce the events to the audience? After all, it’s the circus of your life. What happens in these tents, stays in these tents but you are nevertheless responsible for everything that goes on within. So be careful about who you sell tickets to as the audience does play a role in how successful your circus will be.

There will be all sorts of people watching your show and judging it on the basis of their perspective – be they optimists, pessimists or realists. All of them affect and are affected by your life; the only difference lies in their expectations from you. There will be seats reserved for your friends and family but the expectations that matter the most are those of three mysterious spectators. They go to every circus in town and are part of every ringmaster’s exhibit. One of them leaves after the first act. The other one hides under a mask and the one sitting in the middle is always at the edge of his seat. You’ll know who they are soon enough. Meanwhile, the show must begin.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, get ready for ‘The Greatest Show on Earth!’” The customary use of hyperbole works as an insurance policy as if the elaborate dressing up in a top hat and a multi-colored tuxedo fails to draw the attention of the crowd. Skipping, even more, exaggerations in the prelude, the opening act of gymnasts are presented. A child leaves the scene as clowns enter the stage. There was a time when these buffoons with strange make-up were considered only funny but now some people find them scary too (credits to The Joker). Who thought a kid’s expectations would matter? They do as the little kid who left was the ringmaster’s younger self – your past.

The unfulfilled expectations of your past turn into regrets while the satisfied ones blossom into memories that propel you forward in life. You can’t follow the small child who left or bring him back to the circus. He was a part of the show but he’s gone. You have to let go of your past like a Frisbee. If you throw it like a boomerang it may come back to haunt you.

The one who was sitting beside Past doesn’t share the same fear of clowns. He’s the ideal viewer who is on his toes for each performance. He’s as much a participant as an observer, learning to juggle like those clowns. He’s like a mirror imitating what he witnesses. No wonder he looks exactly like the ringmaster, showing his reflection – your present.

Present is busy juggling many expectations, the key being consistency. You can’t simply toss all the objects in air; you need to catch and prioritize the one in hand. Focus on each endeavor one step at a time and throw only as much you can handle. While you’re at it, do it with grace and make an extravaganza out of it.

There are so many acts going on in the present from elephants playing football to monkeys riding cycles. This circus may be in your imagination right now but your life is very real indeed. And your present is like breathing fire. You’ll get burnt a lot before you get a trick or two up your sleeve. You wouldn’t be taming animals here but training yourself and enhancing your own skills.

As you are walking the tightrope, you peek a glance at the masked figure. She’s a seductress brimming with expectations – your future. She has something in her eyes that you can’t resist – hope. Although she is trying to lure you with dreams, you can’t trust her. You don’t know what’s under her charade and you can never be certain of her visions.

The final act is the flying trapeze (cue Katy Perry’s Roar in the background). You transcend into a trance but you have to concentrate on balancing the rope or you could fall into the temptations of the reverie. The future isn’t concrete like the past so you can’t put your present on hold to live in a fantasy. The frightened kid couldn’t overcome his fears and the temptress in a masquerade won’t show her face today. The one between them is the only one truly enjoying the circus. He’s amused and thrilled by every aspect of the feat. So let’s rejoice with him.

Your life is a circus revolving around your past, present and future. It doesn’t have magic but you’ll still be surprised by what it has to offer. Your present is the judge, jury and executioner. It has the experience of your past and desire of your future. Not all your decisions will be entertaining but the circus will carry on. Living freely in the present moment is always a treat. You should try it sometime.

Cover Designed By Krishna Teja

Article By Vidit Chugh


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