Through the Looking Glass

“It was then that it hit me – everything I do is accounted for, and is a part of the grand design of the universe. The world is a small place, so small that whatever I do, its ripples will be felt everywhere.”

– Harsha Sista



Another day had gone by. Another day with the same monotonous routine. Another day of doing the same insignificant things that I had always been doing. Will this cycle ever end? Will I ever do something that I am satisfied with?

As I sat down on a solitary park bench, varied thoughts raced through my head. My brain, paralytic and numb, could not handle the myriad of emotions. I started getting flashes of my childhood memories, my parents and my friends. Was it a part of the cosmic plan that I would get to meet and spend a good portion of my life with these people? They meant the whole world to me, but was there any other reason that I was in their lives? What if I did not exist at all? Would it affect their lives or the working of this vast universe in any way?

These questions haunted me and I could no longer sit still. Shuffling and sweating, I got up and started walking towards the woods. The woods smelt nice. The breeze was like a cosy hug from my mother which reminded me of my parents. My parents are amazing. They would always love me, come what may. They made my world so much better. Did I mean the same to them? My thoughts shifted to how my parents’ life would be without me in the picture – if I had not existed at all. I would have never known them, and they would have never experienced the magic of raising a child. Their life completely revolved around me, they sacrificed and gave away so much just to give me a better future.

A bond like this is surely some great form of energy, a form of energy which the human mind can hardly comprehend.  As I thought about this, I realised that the trees around me, the blowing wind, the rotating Earth, the shining stars, and everything else in this universe is also nothing but pure energy. We are manifestations of this vitality, and scientifically speaking; energy can neither be created, nor destroyed.

Our existence can’t be for nothing…the universe simply cannot be this unfair. We are after all, on a fundamental level, a part of the soul of the universe, which itself is made up of innumerable such manifestations, tied together in a giant cosmic web that transcends everything we shall ever know. Everything in the universe, therefore, is a part of an enormous chain, and all our choices and actions have some sort of an effect on this chain of energy. It was then that it hit me – everything I do is accounted for, and is a part of the grand design of the universe. The world is a small place, so small that whatever I do, its ripples will be felt everywhere.

In that moment the earth started to feel like a mote of dust, hanging in a sunbeam.

The feeling of nothingness was slowly replaced by relief and satisfaction. Phew, I wasn’t really useless at all. I retraced my steps from the dark mire which I was headed to and walked home, thinking about all the realisations that had hit me. My life might not have changed too much, but now it had a purpose to it. With the hope that this relief wasn’t as transient as my life, I set out to work for my world, because I recognised that even the smallest of things can make the largest of impacts.


– Harsha Sista


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