The Doomsayer’s Diction

“Prepare yourself to be more than just slapped by reality, folks. And I’m here to serve it without any sugarcoating.”

–  Karthik Nagaraj


Last year was a rough one. I don’t need to go into details – I’m pretty sure you all know why. And who wants to bring it up again? (Let me just point out that, no, Trump isn’t the only thing I’m talking about.)

Well, cheer up. I’m going to tell you why things are going to be better soo-


Hell, who am I kidding. It’s not going to be better anytime soon. It’s all going to be downhill from here. And by downhill, I mean an elevator-falling-down-a-shaft steep slope.

And no, I’m not talking about personal matters. I’m talking about us. Humanity as a whole.

Prepare yourself to be more than just slapped by reality, folks. And I’m here to serve it without any sugarcoating.

Let’s tackle the obvious first.


War never changes.

And neither does humanity.

We have always, always been fighting amongst ourselves, right from ancient times. For as far as history can tell, there have always been wars raging all over Earth, right from 2500 BC to the present day. In fact, humanity right now is at a relatively peaceful phase. Yup, even with ISIS and whatnot going on. The medieval ages, in particular, were extremely bloody times. And then of course, there were the World Wars in the 1900s. Why is it so?

Simply because it is in our nature. While we may not actively crave conflict, it is the nature of our existence to cause and participate in conflicts. It’s easy to portray one side as the righteous angels and the other side as vile demons. But the truth is, war brings out the demons in us. You’ll hear plenty of propaganda about how your country’s side of the army is righteous and seeking justice, fighting for glory and honour.

Stand in the ashes of a million lost souls, and ask yourself. Does honour matter?

The silence is your answer.

Not only are we dragging our own species into the abyss, we are also ravaging everything else on Earth. Do I need to go into detail? Deforestation. Extinction. Global Warming. Resource Shortage. Pollution. Warfare. We are slowly wasting away not only ourselves but all other living beings on this planet. I could throw up some fancy charts and graphs if I wanted to, but it’s best if you look it up yourself. Only then would it sink in fully. I could go on and on about the number of species that went extinct in the past decade or the hectares of forests lost, but would it make a difference to you? Would it change your mindset?

We’ve all heard enough about deforestation, extinction and global warming. But resource shortage is probably of the utmost importance since it is the most immediate crisis. We continue to guzzle through fossil fuels, despite several warnings from the scientific community concerning the impending shortage of said resources. For the sake of profits, most companies do not switch to renewable sources of energy.  Fossil fuels are only short-term solutions to long-term problems. We have to switch to renewable sources as soon as possible- not only would this wean us off our dependence on oil, it’d also simultaneously solve other ecological problems.

And this must be done as fast as possible. A resource war is within the realm of possibilities.

Imagine that. Wars being fought solely for control of coal mines or oil fields.

Oh. Wait a second.

Those are already happening.

On the tip of the iceberg we have this sorry state of human society. Increasing racial tensions, inter-country enmity, increasing radical sentiments – things are going mad.

If we continue in the direction we’re going, we are doomed. The end times are nigh. Unless we steer ourselves off this self-destructive path, we’re going to hit the bottom of the shaft soon, very soon.

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a tad bit.

But nobody can deny the fact that we aren’t in a very favourable position. And again, I’m talking not only about the present but the future too. You may show me graphs depicting the drop in crime rates and such, but those don’t necessarily guarantee a safe future. After all, war is eventual – it could be tomorrow, it could be a year from now, a decade, or maybe even a century – but it is inevitable.

Simply because us humans are absolutely talented at not getting along with each other.

I may have painted a very sorry picture here. But do not cower in the face of reality. For if there’s one thing that defines us, it’s hope. As clichéd as it may sound, it’s a fact. Hope is what keeps us going forward, striving to maintain some form of peace and safety.

All we can do is delay the inevitable collapse. That power rests in our hands. By playing the right cards, we could postpone all the death and destruction. That power lies in you too, dear reader.

You just need to figure out how to use it.


– Karthik Nagaraj


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Cover designed by: Anshuman Das


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