The Campus Lifestyle Trajectory


Most of us here have spent at least couple of years in preparation for competitive-exams.

This part of our life had mostly been quotidian about the way we spent our day. We repeatedly performed activities which mostly revolved around studying, either at the tuition centres or at home. This doesn’t mean that we lost our aspirations and dreams, rather what really happened was, we were made to believe that we could do all the ‘catching up with life’ when we entered a ‘good’ college. (One can only hope that Mr Modi’s ‘Acche Din’ will also finally arrive)

Yes, we did have a couple of cheat days here and there to catch up with the latest movies or games, but in this entire span of two years we shut ourselves off from the outside world and focused on a target which we had set for ourselves.

One thing led to another and in no time exams were waiting at our doorsteps.

Soon after, we are here at BPHC carrying our own signature lifestyles with us as we move along.


During College:  

What happened to us after we came here though? All of us were curious, enthusiastic, and zealous about wanting to know things and having our own ambitions,dreams. The phase lasted  for one, or two months for the most of us (Okay, maybe even the whole semester if you had strong will). But, all of it faded away after being accustomed to the culture of the campus.

We changed our food habits, our sleeping habits, and heck we even changed our outlook on life on the whole.


The vibe of the campus has its effects on us, and our lifestyle affects the general
atmosphere of the campus. It is self-reinforcing, just like the cycle of poverty. According to this concept, the financial resources necessary to get out of poverty, namely productive capital, can only be obtained if the individual has financial resources in the first place.

So, there exists a certain loop which iterates itself over and over again. This is what is happening here. This ‘Feedback Mechanism’ is omnipresent in the campus.

It is known that the ‘lite’ culture and ‘BST’ have been influencing us for quite a long time. But, the reality is the situation has been changing, for the good. A couple of years back the culture was heavily ‘lite’–centred. Just questioning seniors revealed that even the senior- junior interactions (not ‘interaction’ :P) always had a touch of ‘chilling out and slacking’. But now, by the end of 2016, the campus is seeing a change of attitude. There is a transition towards a general atmosphere of goal oriented people. People care about grades just a little bit more as they are certainly reluctant to admit that being a 6 pointer is “just fine”. Students are taking over the reins of their lives and giving a new dimension to it. People are realizing the downsides of BST, and this has led to the slow but steady transition from BST to IST.

Fests are also being positively affected by this ‘transformation of sorts’. The students are certainly more excited, enthusiastic and willing to work their bottoms off to ensure that things run smoothly. The best part is that, this has gotten us results. The footfall has increased and so has the awareness. This leaves a positive impact on the organizers, who are thus willing to put even more effort to take it to a whole new level.

As opposed to views of the random ‘Sharma-ji’, people here don’t hesitate to be proud of the Hyderabad in BPHC anymore. A general attitude of ‘if we’re not as good as Pilani yet, we’ll try our best to be” has been adopted. This ‘can-do’ attitude can get an individual to great-heights in the ‘trek-of-life’. People who accept the situation they are present in and aim to move-forward possess a healthy vibe to them, and affect the people around them in a positive way.

The same enthusiasm can be seen even when it comes to having adventures and the general way of living life. In the past, while gaming for 17 hours continuously itself was accounted for as adventure, people have resorted to actually deserting their rooms to have some real adventures these days. People have been posting pictures of their escapades with their friends, creating envy amongst the ones who claim to still be planning their trips. There have been higher incidences of people going on road-trips or having a night-out in the city.

If this upward spiral continues, five to ten years down the line BPHC will be well established, both in terms of a healthy campus culture and as an institution which offers holistic development. We will not be seeing the laid-back, lack-lustre mind-set we once witnessed. Rather it will be a thing of the past!

New initiatives and projects will definitely help improve the standards of our campus in more than one way.

The SmartCampus Initiative on campus is the most promising thing yet. While they have already implemented a couple of initiatives as seen at ANC and CP, their agenda stretches far beyond just this. With Cashless Campus being just the beginning, their grand vision can be seen to fulfilled if we truly prove ourselves to be technically motivated souls.

“Men may come and men may go but I go on forever”

                                                         -Alfred Tennyson

In this context, what will remain a constant is the BITSian spirit. The spirit which gives us the confidence to tackle any obstacle that life throws at us, the spirit which tells us to never back down. The spirit which keeps us motivated even after repeated failures to achieve the success which has been evading us. This spirit cannot be taken away from  a BITSian,  because it has  been hardwired into each and every one of us  after facing so many struggles in our  years on campus.

Finally, as clichéd as it may sound the everlasting truth is-

“You can take a BITSian out of BITS, but you can never take the BITS out of a BITSian.”

– Gnana Maanoj


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