Branding Yourself

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

                                                                       -Andrew Grant

These days, the relevance is most apt as the world has become a global marketplace and cut-throat competition is omnipresent. However, what matters is how you project yourself at the first instance, at the instance which matters most. Let it be for school admission at the toddler stage itself(for some cases, the personality of your parents also counts) or the ‘most important’ moment in a teenager’s life- to impress the girlfriend or at the time of interview for a job. A long list endures.

Fine, but what’s the crux of the argument?

It’s nothing but ‘branding yourself’ to every occasion. Here the physical appearance scores more points than the persona so, the dress code plays the vital role. In real life, the attire you wear makes a huge impact and if you get it right, half the job is already done and you have well begun in your endeavor.

However is it only the external look which counts?

Of course no, the simple reason being what really matters is your persona, inner self, attitude and approach towards life.

Branding Yourself is necessary because we must never forget that there’s a huge population of different variety of people with a lot of complexity, mentality, complexion and compulsion. This gives rise to a situation wherein there is an intense competition to succeed.

As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” Being more specific you need to establish yourself given the time and opportunity. Similarly, along the lines of the famous saying “Cometh the hour, Cometh the man “. You need to make your presence felt, make yourself unique and be the differentiator to stand out from the crowd.

It’s in your hands (read: heads) what you make out of it with all compliments and constraints. Believe in yourself and be a go header, street smart and script your own future. Besides always yearn for more and there is room for improvement. However, there will be always the tough times and not so pleasant events to put you in a bad taste. You have to overcome those odd feelings with renewed zeal and vigor. This should instead trigger you to come out stronger and bolder.

Branding simply put, is planning every move to mark yourself.The individuals who have carefully and thoughtfully survived the sands of time are ‘immortals’ like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill. All of them have made a world of difference and have done so in their own special ways. The contemporary icons are US Maverick Donald Trump, our very own NaMo- Narendra Modi, the strong-willed Malala Yosufzai (who was the youngest to deliver a lecture in UN assembly).

The brand NaMo- The journey from Chai wala to all powerful PM is an interesting and fascinating one. He further entrenched his name in history books by implementing the controversial DeMo (read: Demonetization).

It’s not only the good deeds people remember you for, but also your failures, the setbacks and the areas where you have taken the wrong turn. These events always mock you, showcase your drawbacks but it’s always these negative events that spur you and make you work towards achieving greater heights. It is this, what ignites the fire within you. This spark should be the face of your ‘personal brand’.

Alas when you look for yourself in the mirror for reassurance, the mirror shows you a revelation, a revelation that brings a resurgence in you, the thing that makes your hair stand on its ends. Let this New Year be a new dawn, a new beginning for you to establish your own brand – the brand ‘YOU’.

Gokul Karthik



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