Why You Should Give a Damn.

7  am: The phone alarm begins to beep.


What’s the worst that could happen if I don’t attend the first class? Sleep is more important than differential equations, right?

*Two classes later*

I finally drag myself into that shitty 11 am class. I should at least attend all the remaining classes in the day, I rationalize. Half awake, half asleep, with eyes flicking at every opportunity towards the clock, ears straining to hear that 11:50 bell, I somehow successfully complete the lecture. On the way out of the lecture hall, I watch as two classmates bombard the professor with doubts. I classify them as ‘Ghots’ and begin to reconsider my decision of attending the next class. With hardly any argument, my lazy side wins and I head back towards my room.

And the cycle repeats. There is no end to this vicious circle. Classes have come to mean a fifty minute extravaganza to be completed. Frantic last minute preparations might end up giving you an Av+5, but is that really enough? Something has to be done differently to do better, and that something starts with you.

Go ask that silly doubt to your professor. Your academics do not end with your books and exams, do they? The textbooks are just a start, a foundation on which whole building is to be laid. Ask the professor the big What if and How questions. Sure, there are other ways to get a 9 CG, but none of them are as satisfying as really knowing your stuff.  Do you ever feel something lacking in life? A lack of fulfillment, may be? No, it’s not because your friends all have girlfriends and you don’t. It’s because you are craving a solid foundation. Instead of just feeling okay with last minute preparations, and Av+5s, start wondering Why and Why not.

Ever been dumbstruck by amazing ideas spewing from your friends, while you just sit there thinking “Potato”?

It’s not that they are geniuses, or that you are stupid. They just observe things analytically and ideas just come out naturally. I may be sounding a bit fussy, but really that’s the trick. Ever heard of  ‘Thinking out of the box’? That  is not waking up in the middle of the night with a truly life-changing idea. It happens when you start getting the ‘feel’ of the things. When you start analyzing things from level zero, and when you start asking questions like, what if I do it that way? Quoting two very famous lines from a beautiful book – ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ – “The universe wants to get noticed”; “The man who discovered smallpox did not do anything new, but just noticed that people with cowpox did not get smallpox”.  

You get up everyday, and find yourself surrounded with a shitload of problems. The irritating wingie, the mind-boggling classes, the distant girlfriend. Instead of just going with the flow, pick a problem and start working on it. If waiting long hours in the traffic disturbs you, go and think how can you channelize the public transport system  in a more effective way. The whole world is a mystery, with numerous problems to be addressed everyday.  Don’t just rant and accept it the way it is.

Be the change you want to see in the world”.

At the end of each day, analyze what you have done. Don’t waste the whole day doing random things. People, the time around you is limited. Use it or lose it. At the end of each day, you should have at least one thing to make you feel satisfied and fulfilled….. and no, that’s not what i mean.

So, why should you give a damn? Because you are a BITSian. And BITS is not an achievement, it’s an opportunity. Opportunity to do what you always wanted to. This is probably the only time when you can do whatever you wan,t and fail, and try again with no consequences.

Take all your tensions and worries “lite”, not your life. Start looking for the fun in those EM lectures (whether there is any, is a different matter). Study, as if you are studying for the last time, learn as if it will last forever. Go to that boring talk, that lame workshop, try, fail, try, fail until finally, you succeed. Engage in quality discussions with your mates. Talk about that new robot that can take a timed run backwards. Stop being complacent, take the nail out of your mattress. Ask how, why and then remember,

The universe wants to get noticed.

-Kartik Narula


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