How to Make Imaginary Friends

Are you sick and tired of shedding your anti-social skin to approach new people and make them your friends? Are you exhausted from pretending that Billboard 100 is your life just so you have a dinner time conversation with your already existing friends?

Well, then say no more!

Imagine getting to discuss your life issues and believing that someone is actually interested. Imagine having arguments that you can win. Imagine eating food with someone without having to share it! Imagine having a friend… a friend that you can imagine.

Yeah, that’s our big solution.

Imagine your own best friend. Who needs real life, right?

You’re out of your room for once…you see a human and start talking. You are almost enjoying having a conversation with a real person when you realize that you’re too cool for conversations. You remember being yourself only when anonymous, probably on some website roasting someone you will never meet. However, everyone needs another person to go to when they feel lonely. The best solution for that without having to make an effort on socializing is an imaginary friend.

They would never be too busy to talk or too tired to go out whenever you feel like it. They would understand your problems and not bother you when you want to be left alone. They would talk to you about things that you are genuinely interested in. Almost sounds like an ideal solution when you come to think of it,doesn’t it?

The question that arises now is how you would create this fictitious companion. To create this friend of yours, you need to have imagined every aspect of their physical appearance, and personality traits. Since you are making up your friend, they can be whoever you like, however you like. They can have a sassy name and a fun personality. They can be really good looking to interest you or not so pretty to make you feel better about yourself. You have the reins to create someone who will be with you for as long as you want and leave whenever you want to go back to your loner life. They can be just like you so you have common interests or have a completely contrasting life. The second choice would mean that a piece of your imagination would have a better life than you (but that’s none of my business).

After all of this is decided, all you need to do is picture them in your head and voila! There they are. Have your first conversation and see how it works out. You don’t need to worry about your nervous stuttering because your imaginary friend wouldn’t judge you (unless you imagine them doing it). If this suits you, you can continue talking to your newly made ‘friend’ though you might want to curb it in public (assuming you ever see the sun).

If you are serious about this, an imaginary friend can actually help you by lowering your social anxiety issues and teach how to deal with people. The friend could boost your confidence and thus you could have multiple friends who really do exist. So go ahead, make up a friend and pretend that it’s a cool thing to do.

Hey! Psst! Hey! Kritika doesn’t know I’m writing this. She thought she was done with her article. I just want to say, being an imaginary friend isn’t all that bad. I get so much attention, I love this. But somehow, I think my friend seems happier talking to other people….. You know, the non-imaginary ones.  She doesn’t even notice it herself, because she’s too anxious about what they think of her. Give her a chance, would you? She’s actually a really nice person. Be supportive of her.

And Hey! Bob (name changed)! If you’re reading this, I want to tell you….  Give people a chance too. They probably aren’t judging you as much as you think they are. Let some of your walls down and you’ll find people aren’t all that bad.  

But if you’re still insistent on escaping, I’m always here for you.

Anyway, don’t tell the Editor about this!

  • Bumbo (Name changed)

              An anonymous imaginary friend.

-Kritika Kasliwal


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