A Bitsian Sucess Story

Being a Bitsian can be hard work. There are those who pressure you to do well because you are from BITS, and there are those who pressure you to do well because you’re not in an IIT. However, being a true Bitsian means rising above all the pressure, and following your dreams to the very end to achieve your passion. Over the years, countless Bitsians have done this and risen to the level of legends in our humble eyes. We would do well to listen to what they have to say about their journey. One such Bitsian is Rishab Goel.

In the eye of the storm of enthusiastic students that swept through the LTC during ATMOS last month was Rishabh Goel, an alumnus of BITS Pilani Goa Campus, and a representative of Prodigy Finance. We at TDB talked to him to find out more about his story.

Like most of us, Rishabh Goel describes his time in college as “The best years of my life.”  Although his father was also a Bitsian and had pushed him to join Pilani campus, he chose Goa and he doesn’t regret it one bit! He made many mistakes in his life at BITS and graduated with a 5 point CGPA, but with every mistake he made sure that he learnt something new. After doing two PS 2s because of his Economics and Mechanical dual, he decided that he wanted to do something different. After applying for several schools abroad, he got admitted to the prestigious London Business School for pursuing a Masters in Management. There he began to take up internships in start-ups and finally landed a job in a company called TranferWise. It was when an alumnus from LBS asked him about expanding Prodigy Finance in India, Asia, and what was supposed to be a 15 minute discussion bloomed into a 3 hour long brainstorming session after which he decided to join Prodigy Finance. Now at Prodigy Finance, he wants his company to grow in India and soon in all of Asia. They are working with schools to get funding for the students. They reach out to alumni from top-tier institutes and get them to provide security free loans at lower return rates than banks do. Already working with institutes like Carnegie Mellon University, they provide loans, mentoring sessions and help to get good jobs. In India, they have started working with ISBs and wish to expand to other top tier MBA,  Engineering colleges, and are reaching out to colleges like our own with large number of students aspiring for higher studies. They are trying to spread awareness about the services Prodigy Finance provides by conducting web seminars, information sessions, and forming Facebook groups for interested people to come together and help each other.

As the crowd thickened, he recounted his own time at BITS Goa and how being at the sister campus, he can now say the word “lite” and have people understand what he means. Remembering the Bhavans, Rocks, the library dome and all the places on campus as described to him by his friends here during their time, he felt almost like he was back in his own college. Signing off he left a message to us all which he thought we would “most likely hate or really like”.

“Don’t care about your CGPA. Make a lot of mistakes but learn from them , but don’t repeat the same mistakes.”

Like Rishabh Goel, there are many more stories of Bitsians making big on their dreams, just by believing in themselves, and they are a source of hope and inspiration as we try our best to do the same in this big, bad, crazy world.

And who knows? Maybe one day, it will be you standing there amidst the crowd, proudly talking about your time in college, inspiring the next generation of Bitsians to take up the mantle.

Until then, as Rishabh Goel advises, “Think big and believe in yourself”.

-Nikita Mandapati


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