We live in a neat and orderly society defined by labels. Most people label you by what you wear, the kind of car you drive, what job you have and how much money you make. Often these labels are shallow and impermanent, but this is how society likes to define us and consequently, this is how we sometimes define ourselves. But more often than not, we bury ourselves in the simple safety of labels. It’s not hard to figure out why, it takes more time to get to know a person than to learn about them through another persons perspective. For some reason, people like to think they have a person all figured outbefore they can actually figure them out. When did we decide that simplifying a persons complex, ever-changing existence into a single easily identifiable word was the right thing to do? People are different, all of us. We are not cans that require labels to tell them apart.

Not only do labels rarely encompass the full scope of a persons personality, they are horribly one dimensional. This often means that if you do commit the felony of being an actual human being who has more than one side, you are criticized for it. When people you dont know try to decide who you are, their view will always be reductive and if anything, based on their own filters. You cant control how people try to label you, but you can choose to not buy into it. Everyone chooses their own path to happiness and fulfilment, and just because your path is different from everyone elses doesnt mean youre lost.

That single dimension label can, in no way, truly encompass that shape because it simply does not have the tools to exist in the dimensions of you.

You have to allow any limiting opinions of yourself to live only in the minds that create them they cannot be allowed to live in yours. How we view ourselves directly impacts what we believe we can achieve, what we feel we are worth, and how we conduct ourselves in general. Its everything. No one will ever understand you as wholly as you can.

Dont ever be afraid to embrace your complexity, and to accept the change as it comes your way. The fact that we keep moving forward is the important part. That every day we try to improve ourselves and make this world a better place. In the end, a house divided cannot stand. So maybe we could just walk beside each other, if only for a short time and hold each other up instead of tearing each other down.
– Ekta Kumar


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