Welcome To BPHC

Dear Class of 2016,

Welcome to BPHC, where in the monsoon, you’ll wake up to the hooting of peacocks, but in the summer you’ll wake up drenched in your own sweat.

Welcome to BPHC, where your view from behind the hostels will be a scenic green forest under a blanket of fog, but your view upon entering the washroom will most likely be a bizarre bug of sorts.

Welcome to BPHC, which has cleverly disguised itself with a Monsoon filter and will unleash its true wrath when summer comes. (You just wait.)

Welcome to BPHC, where any sort of help is just a ‘BPHC_Free_Expression_Group’ Facebook post away.

Welcome to one of the very few campuses in our country, where you look up and actually see the clouds; you look towards the horizon and find a city tucked far away. At the crack of dawn, you’ll hear crickets chirping and frogs ribbiting and the sound of traffic will soon become a distant memory.  

Your friends will become your family, and yourself…your own best friend.

Blurred Priorities

Striking the right balance between a social life, a healthy lifestyle and academics will probably be the hardest thing you’ll deal with in college. It’s easy to lose track of the things that actually matter. Surround yourself with people that bring out the best version of yourself, even if that means burning some bridges.

Blurred Goals

That feeling of validation that you once received from good marks at school is pathetic, and the sooner you realize this, the better. Although I had a senior tell me this at the beginning of my first semester, it is only at the end of my second semester, when I looked back at a year with no ventures beyond the textbook that I truly understood what he meant.  There is so much more to engineering than just a good CGPA. Attend those pre-ATMOS workshops, start your own research and train yourself to be aroused by curiosity for all things science and more, and soon validation will come from knowledge gained rather than that scrawny little number scribbled in red ink at the front of your exam booklet.

Blurred Relationships

As the ditzy freshman that you are, it’s easy to get influenced by everything you are exposed to. Hey, you’re an almost an adult, and if there’s one thing you’re going to take with you, let it be this.

Be your own person. Don’t be that person that only attends the club inductions or workshops their friends are attending. Don’t be that person whose personality, opinions and decisions are a mirror of that of their friends. These are YOUR four years at college. As cliched as it sounds, ‘men may come and men may go, but you’ll go on forever’ in your journey of life, so make sure you pave your own path.    

That being said, don’t hold back on meeting as many people as possible and building friendships. Have an absolute blast. But always hold your own. Have convictions, passions, and your own independent interests.

This is the only time you get to be a full fledged independent adult, without having to worry about boring electricity bills.

Speaking of which, be grateful to your parents who take care of all that for you. Call them more often. They deserve it.

Blurred Conclusions

I began writing this with the intention of giving you freshers a handbook of sorts to tackling your first year of college. I wanted to tell you everything I wish I had known before my first year.  But as the days went by and article deadlines passed, it soon dawned on me that there really is no perfect “Handbook To Your First Year”. You make mistakes, you learn, you move on and that’s precisely what helps you grow.

Even though us seniors might seem a little hostile at times, we promise, we only mean the best for you. Don’t worry, because you’ll have your turn to throw a fit when you welcome your juniors after you’ve made this place your home.

So, do that.

Make the most of it! Because this is the first and the last time you’ll ever experience its magic.

Here, accept our blurred love.

Welcome, Class of 2016.

Supriya Subramanian


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