To Do’s and Not To Do’s.

What Not to Bring to College: A Complete College Checklist

Greetings fledglings! Welcome to college. I’m sure you’ve already referred to countless checklists, made a few yourselves and revised them over and over before you finally got here, hoping you haven’t forgotten that one little thing. Don’t worry about that. You can still buy most everything in and around campus. Unless you’ve left your lucky bracelet back home. In that case, be prepared for a tide of bad luck (may the stars watch over you). But if you brought in any of these things, please throw them promptly back out! Trust me you’re better off without them. And if you’re already over a year into the system and are still hanging on to these, let go already!

  • Impatience: Won’t do at all. Na-ah! Patience is a quality most need especially in the first few weeks of college. With countless orientations to sit through and waiting in long lines for admission formalities that seem to go on forever and most importantly time table registration *shudders*.
  • Laziness: You thought now that you’re here you can sit in your room all day and just chill, didn’t you? Taking inspiration from that dishevelled looking droopy faced senior who you met in the dark corners of the hostel, who told you he’s coming out of his room for the first time in days and is averse to sunlight? Get out! There’s a whole new world out there for you to explore. Countless people to meet and many new friends to make.
  • Indifference: College is first and foremost a place to learn. Be curious. Get out there. Attend that one lecturer’s class you’ve always admired and looked up to. Go to that technical workshop (there’ll be plenty now that ATMOS is round the corner!). Why you may even pick up that sport you loved but had to leave because of the rough ride that was the admissions prep. Find what you’re passionate about and pursue it.
  • Ingenuity: I know, I know. College is a fresh start at life and you can be anyone and everything you ever wanted. But while you’re remoulding yourself into someone you always wanted to be but never could, don’t let go of your true self. Be real. Be yourself. Love and be loved for who you are.
  • Pets: I tried very hard to sneak Nemo in. In fact, I almost succeeded once. But the hostel authorities just won’t let me keep him with me. Trust me, I’ve tested every possible way. This one I really wish we could keep but can’t. I miss him a lot *sniff sniff*

Nikita Mandapati


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