Editor’s Note

“There are far better things than the ones we leave behind”     – C.S Lewis

As long as the future is unpredictable, we can imagine it to be glorious and fantastic. However, we’re wired to believe that our past had “the best days of our lives”. A wise man once said that the only constant in life is change, and today, we stand at the threshold of one of the biggest changes in our lives. College. College is that place where you’ll discover who you truly are, and all that you can be, and we, here at The Daily Bitsian, try our best to help you make that transition from sheltered life at home. We pour our heart and soul into every issue and we hope that this issue can help you realize that the past is not always better. Give the future a chance.

This time, it’s all about the freshers, and we bring you everything from articles on mess food to life advice from a college senior. College is our second home, no rules and complete freedom to express ourselves, and that’s what we have tried to bring to you in this issue: a feeling of home.

As the freshmen walk around campus for the first time, making new friends, and spreading their wings, we, the seasoned veterans of college see ourselves in them, remembering our own hesitant first steps into the big bad world outside school. This issue is both a welcome to campus for the newest batch of BPHC and a memento to the seniors’ freshman years. It is a reminder to look ahead to the brighter days to come.


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