A New Beginning

A small look of worry

Thoughts overwhelmed with anticipation

How will my journey be? What does it hold?

What do I seek?

These emotions hit me

As I pass through the gates

Leading me to an unfamiliar place

My world is colliding with my expectations

Torn apart, twisted, some spared

New people, few with faces that reflect mine

Some people who are fearful, but possess a spine

I see tears, I see smiles

I hear laughs, I hear sighs

My breath is uneven and the time has slowed down

I take in the sights around me, in and out

This town, this city, their atmosphere

What does it represent? How will it affect me?

I slowly settle in, taking days together

I sit on my bed and I contemplate

The present is so, and the future is an ‘I don’t know’

But for four years shall this place be my refuge

For four years shall I have another place to call home

The time neither seems as endless

Nor as short as it is right now

In the end,

I welcome this uncertainty

And work hard for the road ahead

Nirupama V Honnungar


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