A fleeting moment, a vacant stare
Our breaths hitching as the wind blows through your hair
A single glance, a tiny flame
An unexpected entry into the love game

A tiny blossom, a purple fruit
A stepping back into love’s very roots
A pretty fair, a joyful game
A wondrous leap as they know your name

A kind smile, a pained tear
A silent night as you share your fears
A small coffee, a cold night breeze
An arm on your shoulder, a grin to tease

A sweet word, a playful thought
A feeling you thought you could stop but you could not
A tender kiss, hands gripping you tight
Giving you reason to protect, to take flight

A conversation devoid of words
A sweet song, the melody of birds
An obsessive thing, a pleasing trance
Oh, the tempting nature of romance

An instinctual urge, an indescribable thing
But heed the cause of your yearnings
A need for love points to its lack
An escape from work, a reason to slack

Look within, bond without (another)
As one is full, one can relinquish the power of doubt
And one shall find, effort free
All they ever dreamed of, maybe better that they felt it could be.

Nirupama V Honnungar


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