Carpe Diem

Okay it’s another morning, with me lazily trying to shield my eyes from the glaring sun coming in from the glass-less windows in my PG room. It’s been a few days here at my PS in Kolkata (don’t ask, just… don’t) and the once subtle hints of a routine are becoming more and more prominent.  This time however, the wood of the mattress-less bed doesn’t hurt as much, nor do the people walking about irritate anymore. It all slowly falls into a rhythm, one which isn’t perhaps a conscious choice but one which grew into existence, all the same.

The funny part however, is that these past few days have been some of the most awakening and humbling of the recent months. Very similar, in fact, to when I had just moved in to my room in Krishna Bhawan. The feeling of being in a completely alien environment, with only me to fend for myself, it had brought with it a certain joy that I now feel I have long forgotten.

Handy Tip: Do not let the brain dominate with rhetoric in the mornings. It doesn’t help with the getting up part.

Even though there might be many positives associated with an airtight schedule, I have to say that there is something beautiful about embracing the chaos in this world.

When I say chaos, I simply mean that which is new and possibly not in my control. Chaos allows for expression and re-expression. It allows reinvention, because well nobody knows you in a place you don’t know anything of. Unless you are a Kardashian, in which case, get ready to suck in all that is natural.

But seriously, the whole idea of carpe diem lies in that no moment of your time should be left out. It’s about psychology, more than activity if you think about it. It’s about not letting of experiences, of making each day memorable. It’s easy to tell people to read a book or learn something new, but at the core of it, it should be about growth. To find it at the end of an excellent novel or at the end of a hearty meal, it should be up to you. You never know when life throws you a curveball and you hit a homerun.

Handy Tip #2: Do not let me talk about PG food. Mess be _/\_ *sigh*

Why am I rambling about this stuff? The short answer is that it’s been a while since I’ve written and I would get kicked out if I didn’t; the long answer is because of the change in sensibility that I think most people our age go through. This is when we start growing out of lite. As the uncontested authority of ‘lite’, BITSians know better than anyone else the lull period that time out of college is. Games dry up, Marvel and DC can’t fight soon enough and Sherlock… never mind Sherlock.  *rolls eyes*

We pride ourselves on being a tight knit community and rightly so, but individually, we are a bunch of incredibly talented people. Honestly, pick any person and you will see that they are extremely passionate about something that is their thing. No one can do that thing better than them, in the campus, at least.

Now, I am sorry if this article sounds too preachy or boring but the ultimate goal of it is to make you realize that the ‘lite’ culture might be doing more harm than good. It’s important to prioritize what means more to you.

I don’t mean to tell everyone to complete next semester’s studying now. If you’re like me, that’s too far-fetched to even be considered. It’s about you wanting to get out of your own Satan’s crib. (Something I definitely need to work on.) It’s not about what you do, it is about doing something. Just don’t go around breaking laws and whatnot.

Handy Tip #3: There is a life imprisonment situation in the IPC for murder.

This summer, define your own carpe diem and make yourself look like one of those models off of an iPhone ad, because those guys seem to be having fun.

Eat that creepy sounding thing, ask that cute girl out, get out of bed before noon *cue tomatoes thrown at*, or just go make some memories worth sharing.

It brings with it the whole Pandora’s box scenario. It’s the promise of the unknown, and the guarantee to fail as many times without repercussions (and maybe a chance or two to pee in an igloo). It allows for expression and reinvention. You are a new you every time you enter somewhere you are lost.

Alright then. Writing after a long time now, after lazily phoning in to PS station, letting them know I will not be coming in,  again because I have to work on my projects.

Dhairya Gandhi


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