A Midsummer’s Night Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

An artist’s take.

It takes a special kind of crazy to be an artist.


Wouldn’t you agree?  

It’s a kind of crazy that can’t find its place very easily in college. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever put off working on your next masterpiece because you couldn’t find the “time” or the “inspiration” for it. Inspiration is uncertain. Heisenberg would agree. Finding that passion, that artistic frenzy inside you…is like finding a stroke of crazy inside you.

so let me tell you about my kind of crazy

its a truly elusive thing, would you believe it?  

it makes my veins go abuzz with a strange feeling

of being on the verge of something amazing

I tell myself it’s only a matter of time,

slow and steady, darlin’, take it easy

Inspiration shall find me anytime now

The euphoria will soon consume me

I’d be lying in bed in my old PJs

chasing thought trains to Alberta

and Santa Fe

dodging roadblocks and blizzards,  

angry exes, the end of the world…

…until gentle sleep stops by to claim me.

The only time inspiration seems to strike you is bang in the middle of compres when you’re sandwiched between two courses you’re Av(-) in. Talk about inappropriate.  You look back on all that time in college you were simply wasting away: zoning out for a few hours while listening to music, texting that chick who, let’s face it, is kind of interesting, movie marathons, DC tournaments… where did all the time go?

I never found that sweet spot of inspiration in college. While we were scampering behind

classes, labs, exams, fests, outings, and god knows what… somehow creating a piece of

art became secondary.  Do you ever feel like that too?

So tell me about your muse, mister

paint me a picture with your hands, your words

your sweet summer song

what whispers do you wish to send her way?

what is it that makes her stubborn will sway?

tell me about your midsummer night’s dream

share your hunger, your bitter restlessness

the moon is our only witness

the night  our only saviour  

And my dream? My dream…

It doesn’t involve love potions

Of the Shakespearan kind

Nor does it hold any promises of  

happily ever afters  

It’s a damp fever on my brow

as I contemplate dear life

and a quick brush of my hand

as I tuck a tendril of hair behind

the soft contours on my forehead  

as I try and try and try

How best does one express  

a person? a place? a time?

Not a song

Nor a poem

Nor a picture

can capture an emotion so precise!

But with a damp fever on my brow

I contemplate dear life

With a quick brush of my hand,

I tuck a tendril of hair behind

The soft contours on my forehead

come together in a sombre frown

As I sit down to make a piece of art

And I try and try and try

But the sun has turned and, finally, Summer is here!  And it brings with it the sort of inspiration that you can find only outside of the four walls of college. So consider this a plea to all the writers, poets, photographers, dancers, singers, painters…This summer: Make something new. Make something that is a little bit of you.  

the warm breath of Summer  

settles on my doorstep  

I wake up to find my old friend  

knockin’ at my front door

Every day he tells us a different story

of adventure in assorted details  

He speaks of lands that birthed him

And all the oceans he overcame

He’s searching for a lil’ ol’ somethin’

As a souvenir, a reminder, a keep sake

A lil’ somethin’ only you can create

So if you did, what would you make?  

Let the summer art projects begin!

[P.S., If you’ve written a poem or painted a picture, or taken a beautiful photograph which you want to share with a wide audience, send it to us! Just drop an email to thedailybitsian@gmail.com]

Meghana Yerabati


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