How College Should Have Ended

I woke up in complete darkness. Tugging at my collar so it doesn’t stick to my sweat drenched back, I sleepily climbed out of bed in a cold sweat. I opened my door, and drowsily began to walk towards the nearest water cooler, when I noticed a light creeping out of the bottom end of the door of the adjacent room, with whispering coming from inside it. “What the f*** are these guys doing in the middle of the night?”

I pushed open the door.

The room was empty, I had forgotten to switch the light and the television off. I lived alone.

For the fourth time that month, I was reminded that it had been two years since I had left college.


– Vishnu Saran

Time, more oppressive than this summer’s heat, more cruel than death itself, and as infinite as the universe. Whether you’re on the verge of graduation, or at the end of your carefree freshman year, we find ourselves asking: Where’d the time go?

It’s probably pointless to ponder on things that we have no control over.

What if we did, though? What if we could turn back the hands of the clock and do everything all over again? Are we truly, completely, done with our past? If we could live it all again: every semester, every fest and do things differently, if ever so slightly – where would we be now?

The charm of the butterfly effect is that it grants us our dreams – shows us how, with the slightest changes, our greatest dreams would be realised. But then, my peer, I ask you – would you be the same person? Or would your dreams change?


– Chaarvi Gupta

While most of the college finds it easy to push this unrelenting, brutal passage of time to the back of their mind, it’s time for the biggest birds to leave our sheltered nest. “Compre lite, next sem phodenge” is all well and good, but what do you do when you don’t have a next sem?

People have strange ways of dealing with it. Some of them have turned the final semester into a nostalgia trip, spending time with those who matter and crying sentimentally every other night.

Some live in denial, going about their normal life (Ghoting in the library even in the fourth year), still participating in campus affairs like a guest who just doesn’t leave,  refusing to process what will come after. A minority just stay in their rooms and do what you can only do in college – Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat. And a majority, just claim to be “done” with college, and that it’s high time they moved on to “better” things. Every few days though, these /mature/ seniors will get hit with bitter pangs of nostalgia – such as drinking coffee in the mess in your boxers in the morning, knowing you’ll never do this again.


– Mudit Jain

Team Captain. CT. Club Secretary. StuCCan. Stud. Gaming Gawd. FashP Diva.

All your avatars, in different possible timelines. All your friends in different possible timelines. There’s a billion answers for How It Should Have Ended, but in my personal opinion, there’s only one right one – It never should have.

You can always relive your college through another’s eyes. So what if you didn’t live that life? Somebody else did it for you. Ask them about it, and see yourself in their shoes. And when somebody asks you how it was for you, share your experiences.

Still, it will forever weigh on my mind, all the things that I could have done, but I’m glad that I at least got to do some things this once.


– Rahul Singh Katoch

These are our halcyon days. This is our Summer of 69. Walk up to people you’ve never talked to, and say ‘Goodbye’, even if you’ve never said ‘Hi’.

College will be over someday. It is, for me and my kind.

Shamelessly plagiarising one of my favourite lines from literature – “And in that moment, we were infinite.”

For the last time, Kartik Reddy.

PM ‘Hey!’ if you’ve ever liked my articles, and make my day.

(Editor’s Note: It’s been a good run, Reddy. Cheers. 🙂 )


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