Modern Family

We wanted to share the amazing artwork done by people on campus. But we didn’t want to do it the classical way.

So, we came up with something quirky.

The four portraits you see here are all members of a family.

First, you’ll witness Raja RajaChola – the man of the house.

Copy of FB_IMG_14606063709451071

Then, you have Mademoiselle Agnes – a French model, heroin addict and the lovely wife of Raja.

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The Raja’s brother is James Moriarty. Every family needs a psychopathic uncle.

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Then there’s Davy Jones, the butler.

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And now they’re all on a family cruise vacation to Hawaii.

Find out what happens in this episode of Modern Family. ™, I guess.

Cloudless skies, tranquil seas, perfect beaches and the cliché grass-skirt dancers with garlands of scented flowers. This is the picture that comes to one’s mind when someone says Hawaii. Every year, tourists flock to this destination, with friends and family alike, from various corners of the world in order to enjoy the rejuvenating air of the Pacific.

One particular summer however, quite a peculiar family had decided to spend their vacations in the island paradise. It was the family of the King of the Indian Subcontinent, Raja Raja Chola. Aboard the cruise ship that glistened like a pearl among the blue waves, were the Raja, his wife Mademoiselle Agnes, his brother, James Moriarty and their butler Davy Jones.

Mademoiselle Agnes was a French model of stunning beauty and renown in her youth, for she was as smart as she was beautiful. Back in France, she was known as the sharpest tongue, quickest wit and fairest maiden in the country. She’d caught the Raja’s fancy whilst she was on a trip to India and he took her for his wife. She, however, had married the Raja solely for his wealth and reserved no love for him. In the misery of a loveless marriage, she had turned to heroin for meager comfort.

A lone bright spot in Mademoiselle Agnes’ life was one of the few people in the world who could match her intellect. James Moriarty, the Raja’s brother, was one of the brightest minds to have ever lived, and although most of his time went into obsessing over his equally brilliant nemesis, Sherlock, he always spared a little time for the beautiful Agnes. They met regularly in her chambers to talk late into the night, among other things.

This subtle affection between Moriarty and Agnes, however, did not escape shrewd Davy Jones’ eyes. Davy Jones, once the captain of a fearsome crew of pirates, was drawn by Agnes’s beauty and resolved to serve her and win her favor. Agnes knew of his infatuation with her, and although she couldn’t bear to look at his face, she realized the Raja needed ships to conquer more lands and bring her exotic jewels. So, she always acted sympathetic and friendly with Jones.

But Davy had had enough. He was sick of looking at Moriarty’s smug face as he held Agnes’ heart while Davy Jones held the drinks tray for them. He was sick of looking at the pompous face of Raja Raja Chola as he brought exquisite and exotic jewels for Agnes, only to be polished by Davy Jones. He was jealous and hurt for being used.

As he got a whiff of the old sea air in Hawaii, the pirate in him awoke, and with it, a boiling rage. He decided to get rid of the pretentious Moriarty who stole away the love of his life, the cruel Agnes who had stomped on his heart, and the arrogant Raja who thought he could have anything or anyone. He would get rid of them all and disappear with all their wealth, for wasn’t that what pirates did?

It must have been a very sinister day, for at the same moment Davy Jones was making his decision, unbeknownst to him, Moriarty and Agnes were talking along similar lines. They were sick of sneaking around behind the Raja’s back and they suspected that Davy Jones knew something about their affair.They resolved to end all the uncertainty by blowing up the ship with all the Raja’s men and Davy Jones on it and start a new, fresh life in London, where Sherlock would be.

So, the next day, two men with a similar purpose walked in opposite directions. Davy Jones went up to the kitchens while Moriarty went down to the engine room. Davy Jones’ plan was to mix the deadly Cursed Salt of Black-water Bay in the whole ship’s food. A single grain could kill a fully grown man, but Davy Jones had a lot more than one grain up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Moriarty was setting up a chemical reaction in the boiler room that would take exactly three hours to eat through to the fuel chamber, releasing all the fuel at once and causing a huge explosion. Three hours, just enough time to have dinner and leave, for a man’s got to eat.

So the family sat down to dinner, Davy Jones carefully watching as everyone began to eat. The poison would take some time to show effects. Until then, nothing to do but wait. But as Moriarty and Agnes suddenly got up, Davy Jones began to worry. He followed the two of them as they went up on deck, but they seemed just be taking another of their ‘casual’ moonlight strolls. He thought nothing more about it and went back below decks to prepare to loot the ship.

But it wasn’t just a midnight stroll, casual or otherwise. As soon as Davy Jones left (for Moriarty’s eyes missed nothing), the couple lowered a lifeboat and began to row away as fast as they could. There was only a few minutes at best until the ship blew up. Further and further they went, slipping unnoticed by any lookouts. When they were a safe distance away, Moriarty stopped and turned back to watch the ship. Barely a minute later, it happened. A massive explosion rocked the ocean, sending a ball of fire fifty feet into the air. Moriarty smiled, that smug smile he usually reserves for his nemesis, and reached for his beloved Agnes’ hand. It was cold as ice. Shocked, he turned around,  to see her vacant eyes with froth coming out of her mouth, head lolled back. He screamed, even as froth began to come out of his own mouth and he keeled over. Mind working furiously, he realized, he must have been poisoned by Davy Jones. He only had seconds to live. Quick as lightning, he punched himself at point just above the kidneys, immediately inducing violent vomiting. Within minutes, the entire contents of his stomach lay at the bottom of the boat, including the poison, and in the middle, Moriarty sat, tired, but alive, staring at the beautiful corpse of Mademoiselle Agnes. The punch was a move that Sherlock had done on him in a fight a few years ago, and now it had saved his life. Burning with even more hatred for his arch-nemesis who had unwittingly saved his life, he sat, almost broken, alone in the dead of the night on the calm blue sea with a smouldering wreck to keep him warm.

And so ended the tale of the dysfunctional family.


Shreyansh Agarwal (Paintings)

Tanmaya Dabral (Sketches)

Adarsh Salagame & Shri Akhil & Nikita Mandapati (Writing)



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