Types Of Creatures At Pearl

Disclaimer: This is the testimony of a certain watchful eye to the fact that Pearl was indeed a zoo-exhibit of personalities and traits embodied in human participants and the general audience. Any resemblance to the species mentioned here is pure coincidence. Except you. Yes, you. You know who you are.

Fasten your seat belts as our safari journeys through the jungle.

As we enter the gates, to your right, you can see the entrance to the main exhibit we like to call- The Heart of the Jungle or The Acad Block. It houses several species – exotic and common.

Each species will now be elaborated upon, by our extremely qualified guide.

Yes, he’s a reliable source, don’t worry. He’s spent about 6 months in this wilderness, disguised and camouflaged amongst these creatures in their natural habitat. He’s been observing silently, scrutinizing quietly, and judging, noting and classifying.

While others in his field have won Australian Conservation Taxonomy Awards, he has managed to get a slot on The Daily Bitsian.

He wins.

  1. The Indian Swag peafowl – They can be easily identified by their pair of sunglasses whose presence shall be eternally felt, inconsequential of the external weather. Well, that is if you actually get to see them outside their cocoons of Instagram and Facebook. Most of them are equipped with a palm-sized smartphone hurled high into the air by their skinny arms. Once spotted, you might only find them again in food stalls where they will flaunt their triple decker sundaes and a side-serving of pouts all framed up nicely in their 57th selfie of the day.
  2. The Wise bear – Their species has been raised with a singular motto – ‘Pounce Or perish’. And that is their primal defense mechanism. Only found in F102 or F105 where a quiz can be conducted and the quizmaster can be protected from attack by the minimally raised dias. Consider yourself lucky if you spot them elsewhere as quizzes go on throughout the day, courtesy Quiz club! Don’t be scared if you hear screams and roars coming from the lecture halls. It is probably a group in the quiz assaulting the quizmaster for helping the other group.
  3. The Quirky hyena – This is the most common species found in heart of the jungle. You name the event and there they are present there, faithfully.
    …as the audience.
    They will cheer for the hot girls in Terpsichore and Glitterati, they will fight the hot hyderabadi heat and they will embrace the prospect of actually going deaf by sitting a little too close to the speakers in Till Deaf. But their purpose is much higher than just that. They will step up and even participate in the event that their poor friend is organizing which sadly could only manage a 2 people turnout. And they will adorn the honor of having saved the day. But you see, it’s not like hyenas don’t have ulterior motives. They’re only doing it so they can win cash prizes in an event for which they have zero skill sets for. Right place at the right time, indeed. Oh those sly creatures.
  4. The Discreet bat – Nocturnal and lazy, they can only be spotted when the DJ’s stage lights fall on them during the pro-show. They disappear into thin air as soon as the pro-show ends. Very little is known about their whereabouts in the daytime. Hidden behind a veil of secrecy, some say that they disappear into the hostels and some behold them as God’s way of pumping up the footfall-counter.

    As we venture out of the heart of the jungle, away from all the inter-species ecological interactions, you might find scores of creatures comfortable and free in their natural habitats. They will be seen chilling on the green lawns, the rocks, and surrendering to the pristine gurgling of the waterfalls.


  • The Picknicker beavers – Usually from outside the campus, this species is brimming with energy. They can be found in all places where there are no signs of the fest like the CP. These adventurous souls sometimes forget that they were here to witness and participate in events. Instead they are found in packs led by their state-resident friends in campus showing them around.
  • The Lone wolf– These can be found perpetually in their hostel rooms either coding while the city sleeps, oops… coding while the event-participation falls or studying for T2s which are about a year and a half away from Pearl. Some scientists wonder if these animals can generate any stimulus to the whims of the ongoing fest.      



Who am I? Which species do I belong to? Well, ask yourself. What are we really doing for Pearl? We resort to sharing Fb posts of ‘Farhan Live’ with fifty two excited hashtags, when frankly, we only know three of his songs. I am a concerned Bitsian and can be anyone, a frustrated DOSH member or the only active member of the DEPP. I can be a nervous event organizer, who worked all of last night preparing an aesthetically appealing PowerPoint presentation for my event while begging his/her friends to at least attend their event if not all. You can say, I am The Watchful racoon trying to muster participation by hook or by crook.

It’s your fest! Attend events!

Because, of all the precious things that can go extinct in this jungle…

Please don’t let it be the events itself.

-Hitesh Bhagchandani



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