Shut It Down


There’s obviously a huge horde of people who don’t understand the reasoning behind our right to ‘Freedom of Expression.’ Sure, technically, you can say anything you want. In fact, erstwhile philosopher Jean Paul Sartre strongly advocated radical freedom, which meant anybody could do anything at any point of time.

Let me explain this. If somebody asked a yes or no question, you could pick up a frog and throw it at the asker. If someone offered you juice, you could stab him in the throat. It’s a hoot, but is radical freedom for all the way society is supposed to function?

It might seem like a senseless exaggeration, but let me connect this to the topic at hand. Posting: whether it be on comments on the articles shared by famous news outlets on Facebook, or arbitrary posts on our very own Free Expression Group, have become nigh intolerable.

Intolerable. Yes, I fully understand the irony of the word. However, there’s a limit to things. I’m all for sensible discussion on issues of importance. In fact, I’m more or less okay with anything that doesn’t affect things negatively. This means I’m indifferent to cab-sharing posts, the sharing of trailers and even the occasional shady post saying “I’ve found a certain amount of money, if you tell me how much it is I will give it to you”.

The posts that affect me are those with criticism. When people attack: whether it be the college authorities, the student’s union, the ruling government, ‘feminazis’, or theists. These crusaders of justice don’t pause to think for five seconds before starting their quest to save us. Maybe ask someone in charge, try to understand the reasoning behind how things are, think of what could be done differently – what the alternative would be – and see if you still need to make that post.

Still feel like it? Then think about it some more. Most people attacking the institute forget about a simple thing – it is a private organisation, which you voluntarily agreed to study in. When you are part of an institute like this, you can ASK for changes in the rules, not DEMAND in an entitled way.

The problem with attacking an establishment is the domino effect. Logic takes a back seat when you have massive support. Proper reasoning is replaced by “Surely everyone can’t be wrong!” Before long it becomes a wave of angry people with half-information. A lot of rules set in place are annoying, but necessary.

Another reason to post carefully would be to prevent slander. Constantly attacking something will make you think there’s something wrong with it. It didn’t matter if Maggi was a hundred percent safe to eat, the numerous accusations, whether true or not, severely damaged the brand so much they recalled the packets. Is this the way things should work?

And finally are those with single digit IQs. Cracking stupid jokes and diluting the seriousness of certain situations, talking in three-years-too-late meme language like Doge or Spoderman, or tagging their idiot friend when someone is genuinely looking for help. Seriously guys, grow up.

For every fundamental right there is a fundamental duty. You most definitely CAN say whatever you want, but please, please pause and consider: SHOULD you?


Self-referential Irony: When posting this article dilutes the importance of another article in the same issue.

-Kartik Reddy


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