Time travel is inevitable.The ability to manipulate the very fabric of the space-time continuum and go back to our past would be the Holy Grail of human invention. As I write this, there’s a great possibility that my future self will come barging in through a portal, telling me of all my future conquests, or come in nagging me to attend classes. (Though the latter is probably true). I don’t see anything yet, so I’ll keep writing.

Sometimes in life there are moments we wish we could change, wrongs we wish we could right, mistakes we wish we could fix, but in real life there are no do-overs. So then what are we left with? We’re left with remorse, we’re left with regrets, we’re left with memories of the time we wished we could’ve done something different? We keep wishing we could go back and undo our biggest regrets, say the words that were left unsaid, tell someone we care  about them and then maybe things would be different.But we can’t, because a missed opportunity once gone is lost forever.

Quantum mechanics says that its impossible to know with certainty how an atom will behave naturally, because the very instance we look at it, we alter it. The very act of looking is never a passive thing, it has an effect. Reality at its deepest level, is just the effects of the observer. If we could go back in time, to a time when we were truly happy, it wouldn’t be the same. We would alter our past forever. We can only go back to that perfect day in our memory.

The greatest paradox of our time, is that we’ve been to the moon and back, yet many of us struggle to make a conversation with someone sitting across the room. We miss our chance to meet someone amazing. Its too hard, we say. We want the “easy” way out of things, we want a way to go back into the past so we can right all of our wrongs. It’s comfort food, to imagine the amazing prospect of time travel. To that, I say maybe so. But the most difficult thing, is to one day look back and know that your life wasn’t filled with the kind of love, and authenticity that it could have been filled with.

“Easy” is okay sometimes, but it shouldn’t describe the majority of our lives. It can’t. Not only does this path have an expiration date, but it doesn’t lead to a feeling of success and genuine fulfilment. The only path that would lead you there is riddled with pain, hard work, and real connections.

 We all have experiences, that have scarred us in one way or another. We’ve all experienced pain and weakness and we shouldn’t let these experiences be something that stops us from moving forward. We shouldn’t hide from our painful memories but learn to accept them. After all, the more we take the choices, that offer us more protection and security, the less of it we seem to have.

I’m not trying to say that we should live our life carelessly and follow fate wherever it may take us. We were born to make mistakes and learn from them. But if we’re so focused on self-protection and avoiding pain, we’re not truly living. Pain is unavoidable, and if we spend our lives trying to push pain away, we’re going to miss out on meeting incredible people, and creating amazing memories.

 So, care more, put in the effort and take that risk and maybe you won’t be wishing for wormholes to save you, because you’ll be living the life that you’ve always dreamed of

Ekta Kumar


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