We’re all stories in our minds. We bundle up our experiences, flavor it with our emotions, analyze it with our perceptions and call it our life, our story. But not all of us truly ever live out our stories. The people that we are inside our heads are suffocated and choked inside the exoskeletons of our socially acceptable versions.

Isn’t there a tragedy in that?
Isn’t there a tragedy to not live out the kind of life you know you deserve to live?

So, we here at The Daily Bitsian  have started an initiative. #FindTheOthers

We’re trying to figure out what people truly think about the way the world is, in its raw sense. And we wanted to find out what they wanted to change. So, we asked The Daily Bitsian team and a few from our closest circle of friends the following questions:

What do you wish was different about the world? What are the thoughts that weave your eyes shut just before you fall asleep?

We received about 30 very insightful responses. I’ve aggregated the mode of the responses and categorized them in 7 linearly independent ways.

The point here is, if enough people actually want this change, why don’t we just go ahead and make it happen?

Alright guys, it’s time to #FindTheOthers.

NOTE: This is a continuous, ongoing project by The Daily Bitsian. And it is open to you! We’ve wanted to make The Daily Bitsian more interactive since forever. And now we’d love for you to contribute to the project. Just follow the link here.



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