Revamp Thy Soul

…Before the devil strikes a bargain again.

Disclaimer: The following article is not a discourse on what exactly a soul is or if it even exists but it is a push to get it back from the devil you seem to have sold it to. The idea is that you are not actually living if you are still bound by the chains you’ve made for yourself and the boundaries you’ve created around your comfort zone. My condolences for the empty shell you’ve carried around so far. That’s pretty much the eulogy for you.

Now let’s get to the real stuff.

Stressed out? Bored to death? Frustrated because of surprise quizzes that make the 0 % attendance seem like a thing of the past?

First, you need to revive the hunger for something different. The recipe for bringing back the spice in your life is by cooking a delicious meal to dive in:

  1. Appetizer – You don’t have to sneak in beer bottles through the guards. For a cocktail, take the way up to the rocks, stretch your limbs while you sit on the grass and chill with your buddies. Drink down the shots of tension in a gulp and start rolling the bottle for Truth or Dare. Play “Never Have I Ever” and plan to do all those weird random things that you haven’t done so far.  Lose track of time in the game of charades and before you know it, you’ll be high. Why not watch that last film none of you could guess. You simply need speakers and a laptop and you’ll have your own movie screening. The best part is that it’s all on the house.
  1. Soup – Just like one needn’t have to be sick to eat soup, one doesn’t have to be an expert to do something. Follow your passion at the grounds between our beloved Bru hangouts or perhaps find your soul beyond the gates of SAC. Pick up those brushes and paint some graffiti or throw that ball into the basket. Pull those strings of the guitar you’ve always wanted to play or challenge yourself to do those push-ups at the gym. Hit the racquet with all you’ve got or hit the floor with your dancing shoes. Try anything new for that matter and dissolve yourself in it only to reemerge as a free spirit.
  1. Salad – Set an alarm not for the morning class or for breakfast but for a calm walk at dawn. Go during the sunset if you are not so fond of those dreadful ringing clocks. Plug in your earphones and tread along the road not taken. Capture a few photos along the way while your favorite playlist runs in the background. As the song gradually fades away once you enter your memory lane, you rediscover those nostalgic moments in a breath of fresh air.  Your pace increases with the speed of the thoughts you are pondering over and soon you can distinctly listen to your heartbeat growing faster. There’s no pause in reality but just like you press refresh on a stuck compute, you can always refresh your day to a clean slate with a jog.
  1. Entrée– It doesn’t imply just eating at stalls during fests. You should try participating more and that doesn’t involve simply changing your Facebook cover with a hashtag #LiveEvil. Make the rare time you spend at the ACAD Block actually count. Go interact with new people, organize or win events and cherish the victory until the next semester when you’ll probably receive the prize money. Don’t be shy to show off your goofy moves in the DJ nights; you may find someone special there! Drag yourself to every festival celebration on campus and enjoy the perks of each culture plus the free food in most cases.
  1. Main Course – Explore who you are. You don’t have to close your eyes and meditate or perform yoga. Nor will you get enlightenment sitting on a slab under a tree; you just have to move your frozen feet, one step at a time and get out of the room. Look out of the window to see what a beautiful world it is with so much to offer. It isn’t everyday you decide who you want be but everyday does present an opportunity for you to move forward in the direction of becoming who you actually are. So don’t limit your wish list with things you want to do before you die. Rather, open your mind to all the things you could do if you had eternity and start doing them.
  1. Dessert – Gather at Amul and have ice cream by the infinity pool with your best friends. Talk about nonsense and laugh like fools. Yell together until you hear your own echo. Live each moment to its fullest while it lasts ‘cause we all know how long anything sweet stays on a plate. Feel the goosebumps in life the way your mouth waters when you see a rich chocolate pudding in front of you. Roam around in circles in CP and you may find something you weren’t even looking for.
  1. Paan – Of course, the Indian after meal that most cannot resist even after eating like a horse. Well, the eulogy cannot be made without the funeral so wrap whatever’s holding you back in the betel leaf and bury it in your past. Don’t be afraid to confide in your loved ones. A heart to heart with your best friend about anything can heal you faster than your imaginary constraints of time. Use your ID card, (yes, it’s not just for exams and issuing library books) go to the main gate and hop onto that 212 bus. Take a ride to someplace new and expand your horizon.

While you chew on it, remember that it’s not always about the journey you are on, sometimes it’s the detours you take that help you end up at the right place. Let go of what everis drowning you in the quicksand and hold on to hope. While you’re at it, have as much fun as possible.

It’s a jungle out there (literally for us residents of Thumkunta Campus!) so you need to revive your wildness so that the devil may never tame your soul again.

Oh, and I almost forgot; the final ingredient to the recipe is ….. I’m still figuring it out for myself! If you guys beat me to it, do let me know!

Dinner is served. Bon appétit!
What’s your 7 course meal to keep the hunger for fun away?

Vidit Chugh


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