Musings Of A Cynical Romantic

As January turns to February, social media tends to be flooded with messages about the most infamous holiday of the month. Valentine’s Day. Whether its hate for the holiday or love for it, nevertheless love is in the air. As someone who has been consecutively single for this holiday, I feel like I should be a part of the angsty side of the crowd that hates Valentine’s Day. But I’m not. I don’t hate what it stands for, I hate what it has become.

Valentine’s Day is portrayed as terrible. We know. We just lived through it. Valentine’s day was less about love, and more about hating on people who were in love. Do you see how twisted the irony is, in that? Single people everywhere were cursing and cribbing about other couples pretending like it is so uncool. Whereas deep down we all know it is a manifestation of their insecurities. They’d trade places with the couples they claim to despise at the blink of an eye, I am so sure of it.

Oh and it is not like the people on the other side of love are handling it any better. We’ve let the holiday turn into a show for the public. What it has become, is not what it was supposed to be about. It was never about buying flowers, or chocolates, or ugly teddy bears. It was supposed to be about love. That should be obvious, but apparently the true meaning is lost on us.

I know it can feel like this day is only supposed to be for people in relationships. And if you’re not in one, it can feel like you’re missing out on something big, and maybe you’d just rather forget the whole holiday altogether. I mean, it is just another day, right? I know the days of needing a holiday to express yourself are long gone, but you shouldn’t stay inside your shell.

What Valentine’s Day should be is a day dedicated completely to love of all kinds. It is not about hearts and flowers, it is about giving out something that isn’t given out as often as we’d expect it to be. Love. If there’s one day where we’re able to run up to someone, anyone on campus  and tell them that we’re glad they’re here with us. I’ll take it.

Sure, it has passed by us now, and couple or not, the best thing of the day was gala lunch at the mess. *reminisces paneer tikka*

But now that I look back, I know what the day should have been about.

Everywhere we go, the world tells us to be selfish. Headlines are full of hate. We gossip about the people around us more often than we admit to ourselves. We exclude people for no reason. We’re hard on ourselves. We’re hard on everyone else. Day to day, we forget love. I may sound like a tacky Hallmark card, but hate is everywhere and it takes courage to love.

Valentine’s Day has passed, sure. But here is the message that has always been dying to give out. And this message is not just for February 14 or September 23. It’s not about some random day where the significance of love is supposed to be realized. Love is much bigger than that. It deserves your attention, every single day. Try something different, take a look at everyone through compassionate eyes instead. Invite someone sitting alone to have lunch with you at the mess, give someone a compliment, be nice to someone you claim to hate. Tell people you love them, you may sound really creepy at first but you’d be surprised at how little love people actually receive. That’s what this holiday should be all about. In fact, that’s what life should be all about.

And if I haven’t convinced you yet, you can always have chocolate, and that’s nothing to be mad about.

Ekta Kumar


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