Inspiration For The Uninspired

So I wake up on the first day of the semester, eager to attend class. I’ve packed my bag with extra textbooks (just in case I find time to study in the library between lectures) and fill my pouch with all the new stationary I bought in anticipation for this new semester.

As the days pass by slowly, the dream cloud surrounding my thoughts wisps away until I’m left with a trail of lectures behind me linked together by chains of laziness. Reality has struck and my once enthusiastic soul is now as jaded as ever.

It’s happened to the best of us. We lie in bed all day just wondering what we’re doing, why we’re here stuck in this funk. What happened to the once enthusiastic soul?

It’s what I’d like to call the what’s-the-point syndrome. What’s the point of going to class? What’s the point of college? What’s the point of studying? What’s the point?

And so I find myself stuck in a haze.

If any of you can relate, read on. And if you can’t, please teach us your ways, sensei. _/\_

Two months into the semester, a few days ago infact, I remember seeing a senior run across the corridor of our bhawan -dressed in an ecstatic smile. She knocked on her friend’s door and a few minutes later there were screams of joy and shrieks of laughter echoing the wing.

“DREAM COMPANY MEIN MIL GAYA!” she yelled as a few other friends joined in.

And so I began to imagine myself in her place. I came into this college with big dreams of getting into a top college for masters. Others dream of a successful startup or admission into a top B-school. Whatever it may be, we all came here with an ambition.

I think it’s often helpful to take a step back and think of why you started in the first place. Think of the time when you wished you were where you are today. (Mull over that for a minute). Remember when you were preparing for your BITSAT. Or your 12th boards. The dreams you had for yourself at college and beyond. And now here we are, wasting away the days we had longed for, a while ago.

It was from that moment on that I decided to get off my bed and attend that 8 a.m lecture. I chose to work on the project I so passionately began instead of aimlessly sitting at bru with friends because FOMO. I decided that I would nip laziness in the bud and work towards my dream college acceptance. It was at that moment that I realised that a life filled with passion towards achieving your goals is the best kind of life there is, because after all, the blood, sweat and tears will all be worth it when four years down the line we get to run to our wingies’ rooms and celebrate with exhilaration…and hopefully inspire another junior just as my seniors inspired me.

Dedicated to the dreams in your heart that deserve to be chased.

Supriya Subraminan


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