How To Solve Your Slump

noun : Ennui

a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement

People tell me they’re bored.

They say their friends are interesting, and life seems great. They say the internet is mesmerizing, they say the TV shows are gripping, but it still feels empty. They say they have plenty to do, but nothing seems to feed the hunger of the soul. They’re bored.

Everybody wants more.

I ask them. Do you want to make a deal? Do you want to prove to a jaded senior that things could have turned out differently if I’d only wanted them to?

Tell me your tales. Of how you bought a skateboard and did ollies on the road outside the workshop. Of how you explained to the watchmen that there’s no rule against skateboarding and laughed away their nagging.

Tell me your tales. Of how you stared at the Orion’s belt every night until you decided you had enough of him. How you made up constellations like you were staring at the night sky of a million years ago, and people were looking to you to give meaning to the patterns.

Tell me your tales. Of how you sat on the Mess 1 benches and looked at people everyday. How you thought about your lives together. Joking and hanging out. Imagining years play out as they pass with barely a glance. Again, and again, every minute with a different face.

Tell me your tales. Of Bajrang Dal and weird gang names. Of group crushes and social pranks. Of vine-making competitions and Shades workshops.

Just don’t tell me you’re bored.

You know how only when you have an exam the next day you think of all the wonderful things you’d rather be doing? Go do them for once. DO IT!

Inspired? No? At least I tried, even if it’s a sorry excuse for a BITSian Shia Lebeouf. Believe me, I know it’s impossible to haul your ass out of a comfy chair and jump into something unknown. I know how you can’t just “do” these things. Even if you want to, your friends don’t, and you don’t’ want to be that solo loser weirdo that nobody likes, right? Or whatever other excuses you just offered, I’m sure it’s legit.

Here’s the thing though. Nobody wants to begin things because they’re all waiting for someone to start. They think since nobody is doing it, it must be wrong. Before you know it, the disillusioned senior you promised yourself not to turn into is looking at you from across the mirror.

Whether you make your peace with the fact that nothing will happen, or whether you’re scandalised and want to prove me wrong, stop using the word ‘boredom’.

Pro tip on how to solve your slump: There is no slump.

-Kartik Reddy



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