Deadpool Review

The awakened fanboy forces have been dormant for a while since last December. A reawakening was scheduled two weeks ago when every second Whatsapp status was about people and their uncontrollable anticipation for a certain hero christened Deadpool. I’ve personally never seen so many people lose their collective minds without possessing a single byte of information about the movie. These are the same people who had no idea who Wade Wilson was. But they swear to Satan’s seventh star that Deadpool is their saviour. Lucky men (who actually have girlfriends) have dragged them along; promising them this is a romantic movie. To classify it as a romantic movie is not a lie; it’s honestly not even deception. It’s a white lie, closer to grey, maybe. It’s a lie of exactly the same shade and intensity as your girlfriend’s ‘It’s fine.’ Yeah, take her to the movie. It’ll be great.

I’m not boasting (how could I?) about being a comic book fanatic, but for people like us, it’s been a mixed bag of emotions. We’re happy for the character that it’s finally getting the popularity it deserves, but we’re also annoyed at the rate with which “Hardcore Comic Nerds” keep popping out of nowhere who’ve been born with the singular purpose of neutralizing their social insecurities.

This pseudo fan-birth is true for most comic book movies actually.  You’ll always find people who’ve apparently been waiting their entire life (read: since last night) for the film. Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube and a couple of sites blocked by Cyberoam, have since been taken over by the R-rated phenomenon called Deadpool. Even though I’m sure you’ve watched the movie already, making this redundant, here is the movie review for Deadpool, just because it deserves one.


Guy with sense of humour becomes guy with cancer with sense of humour becomes guy with powers with cancer with sense of humour. Yep.


See, way before 9gag found out about him, Deadpool a.k.a Wade Wilson a.k.a ‘merc with a mouth’ was already a cult icon amongst comic book readers. What Deadpool as a character could do, no one else would want to. He broke the fourth wall constantly, had multiple moments where he knew he was in a comic book, and became the face of adult humour in comic books.

Deadpool was an instant success with fans and the character’s success has since inspired writers to break barriers and freely express their unadulterated sense of humour. Several decades later, Deadpool as a film has managed to do the exact same thing. It challenges every cliché in the book for comic book movies. It holds no bar in throwing everything you’ve known about comic book movies so far. With raunchy humour, destroying the fourth wall (sixteenth even, on one occasion ), referential humour with subtle digs at so many films and characters, this movie is by far the funniest* comic book movie ever made and will be unchallenged for a long time. Or at least till its sequel comes out.

Remember when I said funniest with a star to indicate conditions apply? It’s because conditions do apply. It’s funny only if you get it. Several hilarious scenes are exceptionally well written, making sure only the most avid of comic readers get them. I could go on and on about all the smart little easter eggs and references but that would take an entire blog post of its own. Or a blog issue of its own, by the movie blog, launching very soon. Cheap? Eh, I can’t help it.

Anyways back to the topic, Deadpool as a movie does not screw around. It is not for the average Marvel movie junta. Not even for the same demographic. It is much more than that.

Why Deadpool sucks:

It’s not for everyone. Sure, there might be a lot of cheap sleazy jokes you can laugh at, but you are missing out on the real hidden gems out there. Deadpool is not meant for the average audiences.

Why Deadpool is *expletive deleted* amazing!!!  : (
EDITOR: I’ll leave the extra grammatically, syntactically incorrect number of exclamation marks because, respect for true fanboys)

For the exact same reason! It’s not for everyone. Can you imagine the joy of being the only guy in the entire hall to get that reference? It is just too satisfying for a good, patient fan waiting for real movies like these. Deadpool does not care about selling out. It sticks true to its character and its origins. It is extremely rewarding for anyone who know how tough it must have been to make such a film that ultimately lived up to each and every one of its expectations. Kudos to Fox and the film makers. You have set a new benchmark. If ‘The Dark Knight’ could be considered as inspiration for dark and gritty movies which we’ve seen many of, I’m sure Deadpool will inspire some amazing unpoliced and free to speak their intention movies for years to come.

Final rating: 5/7 (Don’t ask). A near perfect movie for Deadpool.

Jaisurya Nanduri


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