Vacations, Mamma Mia!

Vacations, Mamma Mia


*Compre Scenes, a BITSian preparing for Math-I exam*

After these dark dreary winters I shall find the invincible summer within me.

*in a manly scruffy voice*

These winters, I am slipping into an all new empyrean.

And there, sitting in one of the sad cubicles of the library, he takes an escapade into the vacations.

Vacations Mama mia. <Hawaiian music plays in the background>

*Makes a checklist*

  •      Road trip from Manali to Kashmir, plus hiking with friends
  •     Pr Practicing Calculus (so that it doesn’t screw him over, again -.-)
  •     Gym, morning and evening
  •     Stipulating time for binge watching and not sitting in front of the screen 24X7
  •     Fixing the sleep schedule
  •     Waking up at 6 am for a walk with dad
  •     Going regularly to the Sports Complex, to practise
  •     *Losing at least 4 kilos of weight

(*-> important point)

*After the last compre*

Wearing the best pair of trousers, and a leather jacket he walks out of the gates of the campus, with the will to explore the side of him that he could never excavate in the last few months. He was going to dance his best, run to the his best of capabilities and enjoy every second life was going to offer, this vacation.

*After reaching home*

Hugs mom, high-fives his younger brother, says hello to dad. He starts sharing his plans with everyone. With the intention to take a quick bath before embarking on this trail, he goes to his room.

An hour passes by; there is no sign of him. His grandmom gets anxious and wonders if he fainted in the bathroom. His brother drapes his red superman cape around his neck, runs upstairs and breaks open the door…turns out all this while he has been snoring and sleeping. That night he slept for 18 hours, straight. Never mind, the entire vacations are left!

Day 2: He phones his friends to finalise his plans to Manali. But, one’s pet porcupine was unwell, the other one recently had his cat burnt alive in a forest fire. Plan cancelled. He recedes into his blanket.

Day 3: Outside temperature at 6 am in the morning, 2 degree Celsius. Pfft…only polar bears go for a walk when the temperature is this low. Let dad only enjoy their company. And he recedes, beneath his quilt

Day 4: Gym and exercise? But he had just come back after surviving four months of 8 am classes. He resolves to rest for a week and then start a vigorous routine. Come on, he deserves it. And he rolls back into his bed.

Day 5: He has been sleeping straight for long hours for the last five days. That is apocalyptic, he deserves a night all to himself with his TV shows. He stays up all night, and sleeps the entire of the Day 6.

Day 7: He realises he hasn’t done much in the last week. He should perhaps start working on math. He takes a quick glance of the first chapter of Thomas Calculus. Pfft…this stuff is super easy, he thought he could sail through it well. Right then, he could hear his laptop calling upon him, he didn’t have the heart betray it.

And indeed he didn’t, he left it only after watching the entire season of Misaeng.

Day 9: *waah* The Sports complex is too far, who goes out in this kind of weather. And he curled back into his bed.

Day 10: Realisation sets upon him…he now starts thinking that he had been a bit too ambitious while setting his winter to-do-list. Maybe, it was the sorcery of the Compres. Meh, screw it. He gets back to his bed until the last day of vacations.

Last day: This time he might have been lazy, but next vacations definitely will be different. And he resolves to fulfill his winter itinerary in summers.

But, BITSians shall be BITSians in any season of the year.

-Aayushi Sharma



One thought on “Vacations, Mamma Mia!

  1. Scrolling down. Outside temperature 2 degrees? Where does this author live?? But of course, it’s Aayushi Sharma 😛

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