Loud Silence

Loud Silence

featured poetry


Chirm of this sheen sight

Whispering something but still quiet

Different shades of this complex sky

You me and ally

Mellow swift this clinging breeze

Made me run from grave to greeze

Telling a story of huge down

Flowers in hand wearing white gown

Shrinking blaze of this twilight

Bouquets seem now finite

Feathers flown to some untold land

Seeking for an unknown friend

Sea showing the evil gloom

Surrounding her with cloudy boom

All alone she was lost

Recalling the one she loved the most

Then she took her last whirl

Northern lights, her black pearl

Rain faded the darkness of sea

Full Moon, Stars floating glow bees

Katydids screamed like the dark knight

Sensational not so shrill tonight

No fear of her dark fate

Led her to a preowned state

All worries scattered with the dawn

May be a nightmare which is gone

Aurora in her ravishing eyes

Looking at me like Russian spies

Holding her hand in my right

She was whispering and I was quiet


-Yash Z Lata


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