This Year’s Rationale

The trees all sway, as if bidding adieu to one exhilarating year gone by and to welcome the one coming up ahead with the ever so rosy eyes. The wind seems to carry with it the same anticipation that has been lingering in my heart for more time that I can account for. Also, if I’m not very much mistaken, the moonlight appears to have…




This! All of this! It does not happen. The trees and the leaves are the same as every other day of every other year. I’m sure the moon has been strictly following its lunar cycle. It is all the same. All the hype is in your head. And while we’re on the topic of you and what goes on in your head, we might as well delve in deeper.


So, it’s a brand new year. The air, according to you, is brimming with promises of a fresh start. Hope. Beginnings. Eagerness. Resolutions. Expectations. Choices. Change.

*drool, clap, praise, repeat*

How about we tone it down to the basics, eh?

This 2016, let us pledge to accept ourselves for who and what we are. Let us accept others for who and what they are. Let us put in a decent amount of effort to become a better version of ourselves. Also, let us aim at a regret-free year!
The little things that you’ve put some thought into, but never got around doing. The little things that have the potential to contribute to your pursuit of happiness. The little things when not done, shape up as regrets. Have been longing to learn to play the guitar? Well, how about you give that a start. Wanted to start your own blog? Flaunt to the world what has occupied your mind. Spending restless hours trying to decide whether or not to ask *her* out on a date? Tell you what, go ahead and surprise her. Heck, surprise yourself! If it’s a Yes, then Victory couldn’t taste any sweeter. In case it’s a No, then at least you’re left with the gratification of having “man-ned” up. So, no reason to get rid of that smile!


Yes, it is the same old advice. It is the same old wine in the same old ancient bottle. But, I wouldn’t entirely be wrong if I said that it is worth every bit of it. So, here’s to indulging yourself in life’s little joys and to paving for yourself, a road lined with adventures and endearing episodes. Here’s to a journey that might not necessarily end in self discovery and enlightenment, but one that will provide you with the satisfaction of having dealt with several new experiences, of having met various new people, of having witnessed the emergence of new changes within you.
Of having cried a little and of having laughed a lot more.
Of having faced bouts of loneliness and of having cherished the warmth of loved ones.
So, here’s filling you with the hope and enthusiasm for another venturesome year.

-Ruthvi Reddy


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