Madness – An Addiction Unexplored


It started out of nowhere. I could feel it getting on my nerves, while I waded through the silent, engulfing waves of serenity. It was a chaos of emotions on the inside. I was lost within myself, pondering over the monsters I had created and a part of me that had become the same. Heat flooded to my cheeks as I realized that I was drowning into an ocean of incoherent swirl of thoughts. It drove me mad. Yes, madness is like gravity and someone had pushed me deep down there. But wait, there was someone down there too.

I could see a monstrous figure – a figure draped in black robes. The ends were torn as if eaten away by the time as it flew by. It let out a deep moan as it advanced towards me. It walked with a certain familiar style – slow and careless, carrying a miasma of despair around it. Something seemed to trickle down the sword it carried. A gasp of fear escaped me when I saw a part of me, a monster created long ago, standing in that black cape and fervently licking the red, hot, blood dripping down the sword.

Soon I realized that the sword was already deep in my arm. I let out a scream of pain and anger. I pushed him with all that was left in me. We were long into the battle when I realized it was short of breath and would soon be exhausted of it. I could see that part of me; tired and bleeding. We stood there, looking at each other, reliving the times we had spent together. Its penetrating gaze fixed upon me, conveying fear, disappointment and rage.

Long had I waged war with this animal. I felt tears sheath my cheeks, soothing down every corner of the already warm and greasy surface. I moaned when I realized that it was a part of me that I was going to kill and it was probably madness that helped me behead it. The fresh blood oozed out – caressing the land below. I could see the distant pyres burning furiously, telling me that others had been here. A sense of satisfaction emanated from the inside as I realized that I was not the only one. “We create our own demons”, I remarked as darkness and silence wrapped me in their blankets, preventing the world from inflicting any further injuries.

  • Pulkit Chaturvedi
  • 2014A4PS191H

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