My Heart Will Go On

Ringing of bells had become faint

The horn was blown from the tip

Leaving behind a lingering taint

She wasn’t aboard, she was the ship

She looked above at the infinite sky

Blurred vision was starry eyed

All alone, the angst was high

She was lost in the storm inside

She spiraled a downward motion

Popped up the northern lights

She was scared of the fearless ocean

Red lanterns floating in the night

The crow was still on her shoulder

Dream catcher hanging in vain

Showed the fire’s acrid smolder

Engulfing all that was so far sane

Her reflection was in deep vice

Tears filled the sea with a grin

Turned her heart to cold ice

And crushed it into hot gin

The ice berg was her breaking point

Until the anchor came to the rescue

Taking the wind out of his sails

She was no longer feeling blue.

-Yash Z Lata


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