Editor’s Note #3

Change. Change is the only constant. Or, is it?

Life is all about change. Don’t you think so? We spend our whole lives being exposed to new experiences and exciting ventures, though our conditioned minds and comfort zones filter them out. Once we become aware of change as it happens, we adapt. As the saying goes, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”  That said, embrace the change. It is definitely true that change is inevitable. Unless of course, you’ve purchased something at Bru.

In the previous few editions, we at TDB, have spoken about several issues that have been noticed on the college campus. We had also given our inputs as to what we could do about each of them. However, in the light of recent events we have tried( really, really hard) to keep the humour quotient low. We, now, also feature articles on certain ‘dog’mas witnessed on campus. (Anyone?)

Jokes apart, one thing that we want to stress on is this one particular emotion: Kindness. An all pervasive and all transcending, flowing current that is capable of not only sustaining mankind but also being fundamentally responsible for the society and world. Being kind is not a weakness. You’re wrong if you are of the opinion that it is. Being kind is being brave.

So, the theme of this issue is the core concept build around kindness as an answer to all the violence that has been going around lately: Solidarity and Empathy.

Let’s all stick together and #PrayForParis but for no reason should we stop there. Let’s go one step further and #WorkForPeace.
Sure, change is constant, and a lot of times, we certainly don’t like it, especially with the increased streaks of violence all over the world. But, what can we do? No, it’s not a rhetorical question. We want this issue to truly make you ask yourself this question.

What can you do to make it just a little better?

We end the editorial on this note, with a little learning of our own: Learning to care is learning to act.

So, are you going to count that profile picture change as an act of peace? Because we really think you can be doing something much more consequential.



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