Review of GPL Season 1

Rotten Tomatoes Review of GPL Season 1

Certified fresh

Audience score – 98% liked it
(The article, not the GPL itself.)

Rating – TV-MA (includes lot of violence)

Genre–Action comedy

Network – Hostel Corridors (plus washroom) with special live telecast in QT

Producers – Wing mates

Premiere Date – The unfortunate day you were born (airs at 00 hours)

Run time– Long enough to have a major impact in the morning after a tight sleep

Season Info

Portraying the well-known tradition of BPHC, the series revolves around the celebration of birthdays in the most beautiful (not really) manner. Season 1 sees the victim being subjected to all sorts of experiments possible.


  • The One with the Newsflash

Posted an hour prior on the FB group (minus the poster) is the cordial invitation to the most happening event of the night. People from various Bhawans are expected turn up for this holy rendezvous.

  • The One with the Random Shopping

The craziest stuff is collected from different rooms including but not restricted to shampoos, oil, shoe polish, brooms, and soap. (Sponsored by MORE, obviously)

  • The One with the Countdown

The laziest people who have always functioned according to BST magically become punctual only for this special occasion.

  • The One with the Incoming

The first hit is just a preview of what’s about to come; the meteor shower continues till craters are formed. All the punching and kicking skills of people suddenly come into play and the hunted wishes to have Po’s Kung Fu skills.

  • The One with the Slippers

The scapegoat is held by the limbs and to enhance the effect pointy slippers are brought into battle. (P=F/A, real-life application of what one has learnt to clear BITSAT)

  • The One with the Bucket Challenge

A fierce competition begins where splashes of holy water are directed at the guest of honor. Everyone wins.

  • The One with the Brownie

The only edible thing bought besides the coke which was already wasted in the bucket foam is served hot and ready to eat. (Kidding! It lands everywhere on the face without entering the mouth)

  • The One with the Photo Bombing

Then comes the actual horror part, the ugliest pictures are captured and immediately added to the Facebook timeline.

  • The One with the Pity Party

The dust has settled and a rainbow finally shines. The only regret people have is to not use the brooms. Well, it’s never too late, is it? So the fun continues.

  • The One with the Cliffhanger

Oh shoot … that’s suspense for the next season. (yeah there will be lot more hell to bring on. We are renewed till season 4; or 5 in case you are a Dualite)

Vidit Chugh


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