Collaboration Slot : Photography Club

5 photographers, 4 led lights and one camera

We took onto this photowalk when nobody else, except bats and lovers, aimlessly wandered around. We set out to click our perception about the campus… at night.

How? Well… Photographers never disclose their tricks, do they? We believe in giving you the room to perceive it on your own!

So here it is:What our campus means to us. We, being the BITSians we are, painted our perception of some spots on campus with a dash of light!






Credits: Nikhil Malu,  Atishay Jain, Jayesh Sanwal, Praneet Mehta Arnav Dhamija and Aayushi Sharma.


2 thoughts on “Collaboration Slot : Photography Club

  1. Excellent stuff in your blog….I chanced to come across it and although I am not part of your target readership(not from BITS campuses), I’m rather impressed with some of your articles.

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