Honor was about to raise a toast

When another attack had come to pass

Armed with pride appeared the ghost

Couldn’t even pick the shattered glass

A revolution was led by vanity

It was going to come undone

Fighting the battle of your sanity

You were guarded by your garrison


Radicle of hate grew underground

While envy had become so brute

Silence remained the only sound

Until patience was able to uproot

The guilt had exposed a hollow

Fumes in it weren’t the poison

But the vacuum that was to follow

Had blinded your garrison


Shot down with bullets of love

Keeping you awake at night

Broken arrows fall from above

As you see a glimpse of light

Shadows of failures won’t leave a trace

Haunting you are the words unspoken

Looking for a peaceful embrace

Drifting slowly is your garrison


On the steps of the guillotine

Horror let misery fade

The blood was no longer clean

Once fear released the blade

Changed in the aftermath

There was no ultimate weapon

Ending the reign of wrath

Triumphant was your garrison


Flames of passion had an outburst

Setting your new world ablaze

Now fire could quench your thirst

And smoke cleared out the haze

What mess remains is steady

If the end had again begun

You know you’ll be ready

Standing tall is your garrison

Vidit Chugh


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