Editor’s Manifesto – err, Note


This is The Daily Bitsian. But, you can call me TDB. Or even better, you can call me tonight.

I’d like to believe that over the past year of my existence, I have managed to not only impress but also fascinate a major portion of the crowd that is reading me right now. Yes. It was me that got to you, numerous messages from overtly enthusiastic seniors. It was me that coined Just Bitsian Things.  Not only did I teach you how to make a girl smile but I gave you insights to the oh-so-holy Bro Code. It was me that came to the rescue of your sleepless nights, every fortnight. Featuring prose, poetry, photography and artwork was just the inception of the vision I have for BPHC. I made you laugh a little with Campus Buzz. I made you contemplate life with The Truth about Internships. I have always been there, working my way up and contributing what little I can to your college life.

My agenda for the following year to come? Well, I promise to bring back the same old team with a few new additions, maybe. I promise to fill your quota of entertainment and news every fortnight. (Or every month now, is it?) I further promise, that I shall keep the awesomeness intact and you, Sir, will not be disappointed. Do look forward to my new slots and exciting collaborations.

In conclusion, love me or hate me, there’s no ignoring me. Simply put, I don’t want to be the online magazine of the campus. I want to be the online magazine of the people. Signing off, TDB. Now a monthly… Probably… Hopefully.

The Team

Khyati Agarwal
Arvind Badrinath
Smruthi Balaji
Vidit Chugh
Dhairya Gandhi
Sairam Ganti
Dhruv Garg
Avi Jain
Rajiv Krishna
Dhruv Kulshreshtha
Meghana Kumar
Aditya Mathur
Gokul Nanda
Jaisurya Nanduri
Shreya Nimma
Ruthvi Reddy
Aayushi Sharma
Meghana Yerabati


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