The people that go into making a club

The Worker Bee

Probably the only guy who would have been delighted on seeing an Uncle Sam poster screaming ‘I WANT YOU’. Gullible and innocent of the motives of the shrewd delegator, he is the footsoldier the club depends on. His idea of an adrenalin rush is printing posters and booking rooms for club events and the occasional pat on the back that comes along with them. A believer in karma and discount sales amongst other things, his house-elf like contentment with work is enviable.

The Delegator

How this guy ends up working lesser than the CP05 shopkeeper is still a mystery. Known to have avoided election campaigning and ragging in his first year, he is an expert delegator. A true lord of lite, worker bees and unsuspecting juniors are his staple, and he masterfully deflects his work to them. Sometimes overheard describing his ‘art’ to admiring wingies, his is a species that is a fine example of ‘survival of the fittest’. He lives by JDI, his thumb rule – Just Delegate It.

Captain Spook

His existence has always been a myth in club circles, and is only affirmed on two occasions- The Big Group Photo and The Big Club Dinner. Just as people start wondering if they’re being photobombed, someone notices that he is wearing the club T-shirt, and incredulous wide eyed looks are exchanged. When at the dinner, he sits aloof and unabashed, returning to campus alone without staying back for the gossip.

The ‘Enthusiast’

Typically a first year, his heart sank ever so little when he found out he was an enthusiast, not a ‘member’, and carries a chip on his shoulder. If you are his senior, chances are he is going to sneak up on you and sheepishly ask what the difference between the two is. Also he will never be entirely convinced when you try and tell him there is virtually none.

The Legend

Probably a super senior, he is an overarching figure in the club. The go-to man for any situation, he is universally loved. The juniors will never really know what he did to gain such a reputation, but visualise themselves as him all the time. When he does pass out, long nostalgic posts on Facebook are invariably going to follow him out.

The Finger- in- Every –Pie

Your club is just one of the several he has on his plate. He smiles to himself when he pictures the inevitable Job Interview, reciting the names of the dozen clubs and departments he is part of and eliciting admiring looks all round. He is also potentially the guy whose poster you are going to see in the future, with the name of your club somewhere in the list of ‘credentials’.

The Fan

He has gone to the inductions every sem religiously, visits most of their events, and knows everyone inside. He is acknowledged as a part of the club, and the fact that he isn’t a member is just a matter of fact.

The Patriot

The next time you see a sentimental post on Facebook about the humble origins of a club or how it is like a family, it is this guy. Allergic to criticism, this overly protective father figure jumps at the opportunity to grab the mike and broadcast the amount of effort that has gone into a performance. A much loved person in the club, he usually gets a teary eyed response every time.

The Prey

This guy did something silly and memorable long in the distant past, but every time he walks in, he is greeted by cheering and the chanting of his more than slightly offensive nickname. Recounting that incident is something that happens as a ritual every now and then, and particular care is taken to inform every successive batch about it.

Aditya Mathur


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