Placement season 5.0: Keeping up with the prize

Soul‐searching for all who seek to be placed‐Are you part of the race to be hired by the best?

Placements induce several reactions in students–a case of troubled nerves to start out with, fervent praying to add to that, and waiting, too much of waiting really, with oh‐so‐high hopes. But this time the stakes are higher as the placement season is set to top the four editions that BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus has seen before. Understandably, expectations from the outgoing batch are sky‐high this time and the pressure to perform is extreme as they walk in to give their placement interviews and don their best selves to impress. The Daily Bitsian collaborates with Placement Division to present to you a much needed take‐away from the events that are scheduled to take place over the next year: Placement Season 5.0.

Some much needed statistics before we proceed:

1. Over 80% of the students who had registered for placements last year now stand placed.
2. The number of companies that had appeared last year for placements is a staggering 90+.
3. An increase of around 60% has been observed in the number of companies that are offering packages of over 8 lakhs (per annum).

Product Development and Analytics companies are proving to be greener pastures as average packages being offered are expected to get larger. The number of core companies that are set to appear for placements is also bound to increase; efforts are being doubled to bring up these numbers. The placement statistics we have seen, and the environment of opportunities they represent, sure seem to paint a rosy picture. But the question still remains: Have individual competencies increased to match the wave of opportunities that are expected to become available as our institute gets older?

In short, are we getting better as the numbers of opportunities are getting larger?

The expected statistics this year notwithstanding, more than just a handful of lessons are needed to be learnt by every single student from the past four editions of placements that BITS Pilani, Hyderabad has seen. Read on to find out what:

Roll up your sleeves. It’s time to be Competitive.

It’s no secret that the companies which are looking to hire are more likely to belong to the IT sector. Nevertheless, being competitive helps a lot during any interview‐ whether it’s IT, non‐tech or a Core company. It is more likely to steer the conversation towards the work that you did as a part of a team, or for your paper, or your project‐ topics which you could speak at length about due to practical experience. An added advantage is that the number of GSoC finalists earns the college a repute which brings non‐IT companies to the college too.

But here’s something most people dismiss entirely: Being competitive starts at home. The campus needs a better coding culture, more coding‐fests, and an environment of competitive coding (for all). In‐house competitions can help prepare for competitions outside the college for all branches.

Start from the beginning. Know your Fundamentals.

No matter which branch you belong to, your CDCs can not be taken lightly. Getting placed in core companies is not a piece of cake, and it is widely known how tough the tests and interviews are to crack. Major topics that need to be concentrated on vary with every branch, but the following topics are tested on by most high paying companies.

Languages: C and Java
Operating Systems
Database Management Systems.
Data Structures and Algorithms

Know the technological developments around you. Inculcate a Passion for Tech.

Knowledge is infinite, and an education only scratches the surface. Your interviewer would have at least five years of experience working in the real world, and all companies stay up to date with latest technology in the market. An applicant who knows the market in which the company is a stakeholder is more impressive than one who is relying on an outdated curriculum to break into the market today.

See how that makes sense?

Corporates love young blood which is tech‐savvy and passionate about cutting edge events across the globe, because an ability to learn is always appreciated regardless of the job‐position and the specific skill‐sets needed for it.

Sector-wise Break-up of Skills Required.

IT & E-Commerce   

Analytics, Consulting & Finance Companies

Core Companies

Competitive Coding & Programming

Communication Skills

Knowledge of core subjects

Problem Solving & Aptitude

Problem Solving & Aptitude

Problem Solving & Aptitude

Tackling Misconceptions.

A very common belief is that placement statistics every year depend largely on the number of companies that come in.

True. But it also depends heavily on the performance of the outgoing batch every year. BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus, is a nouveau college despite the backing of the reputed BITS Pilani University. A lot of companies look to come to vintage colleges with whom they have ties going back to at least ten years. In such a case, only the performance of the students can bring them to this campus.

Another prominent attitude is that one must worry about being capable of being hired only in the final year.

Companies which are looking to shell out a sizeable fraction of their finances look for skills that are developed throughout college and not just one year. The repute that students bring via their participation and their accolades is vital for the long run, and thus placements are a shared responsibility of every batch that comes to college. In such a case, relying purely on the brand value of the university is unwise.

Time works like magic to do wonders to a college’s heritage and reputation. But, BITSians that we are, we always aspire to beat time and space in order to do something truly extraordinary. So we start out by being the best that we can be without waiting for time to catch up with our ambitions. And looks like we can challenge time by starting now.

Meghana Yerabati


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