A couple of things have been extremely hard to not‐see this last month on our news feeds: innumerable queries on the BITSAT 2015 group and Jon Snow’s death. I mean seriously, why do they have to do that? Jon should’ve seen through Oliver’s lack of enthusiasm for the wildlings. The show literally took our favourite character and stabbed him on our Watch. Personally though, as much as people hate Ollie for it… uhh right. Spoilers. Now… what was I saying? Ah yes. BITSAT 2015.

So we here at TDB thought it worthwhile to categorize the different types of people (read: juniors) and queries (read: annoyances) that you have definitely glanced at recently.

1. The guy who knows this is a BITSAT group, but asks about VIT counseling anyway.


Yeah sure, you can get CS. All you need is an account balance as much as your rank.

2. The guy who just posted the challan but is panicking because the website still says ‘Fees has not been paid’.


Please stop shouting. This should help.‐caps‐lock‐key.html

3. The guy who wants to start entrance preparation before it’s too late.


Nope, sorry. Too late. I suggest you get a time machine to finish portions now.

4. The BITSAT topper.


*Self righteous BITSian pride wants to say BITS is better.*
*Decides we’d probably be better off without you*
Congratulations on your score!

5. The guy who still hopes cut offs will drop.


Wait till the 11th iteration. You just might get in.

6. The guy who wants to ask about laptop specifications.


Get a Macbook. It’s amazing for gaming.

7. The guy who hasn’t heard of Google Maps yet.


It’s simple. First take a train from Kolkata to Mumbai. Then take a rickshaw/taxi and go to Alfa. Buy my favourite box of chocolates from there. Then take another flight (so that my chocolates don’t melt) from there to Hyderabad. Then call 69696969 to book a…cab from the airport to BITS Pilani Thumkunta Campus.

8. The… You know what? This one isn’t even exaggerated. It’s an actual screenshot.


DC++ is an amazing place to get some fresh air and play sports. It’s there in all 3 campuses.

9. The guy who is already hyper about studying for the first semester and wants 9 point advice. (See what I did there? 9 pointer. This the 9th point of the list. Yeah okay.)


You don’t need to buy notebooks. You can buy them from your seniors. Not like we used them much.

10. The guy who is asking for it.10

Of course. For you it’s there for a whole month! Venue: Gandhi Bhavan. G312.

BONUS (Hyderabad Special):

11. The guy who asks if there any other localites in Hyderabad Campus.


You’ll understand when you come to campus.

Gokul Nanda
Aayushi Sharma


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